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‘This Ain’t It’: Steve Harvey’s Advice to Maintain a Successful Relationship Doesn’t Sit Well with Fans

Steve Harvey‘s advice in a resurfaced clip on obtaining a “long-lasting relationship” with a man derails after receiving split responses from fans.

In the post that was first shared on TikTok and later uploaded on Instagram on Dec. 21, Harvey claimed in a recording from his Facebook Watch series “Steve” that women should start dating physically unattractive individuals if they want to have a successful relationship

Steve Harvey’s advice on how to maintain a healthy relationship received mixed reviews from fans.Photo:@iamsteveharveytv/Instagram

Harvey started by saying that if women would follow his advice, it would “be the best decision” they have ever made. The 64-year-old said, “I want to tell you something, ladies. I recommend to all of you get yourself an ugly man. It will be the best decision you have ever made.” 

He added by listing the qualities that unattractive men have, “They are reliable. They come when they say they are going to come. They do everything they say they are going to do. They spend their money on you. They help you with your kids. They take them to the doctor, to the dentist. Their little ugly a– be out there pushing them in a swing.”

Harvey wrapped up his statement by saying that an “ugly man” is loyal by default because no other person would want to be with them. He said, “They ain’t ever going to cheat on you because they know don’t nobody else want them. Get yourself an ugly man.” 

In addition to the clip, The “Family Feud” host reiterated his sentiments in the caption by writing, “The secret to a long-lasting relationship: date an ugly man!” As fans began to view Harvey’s post, many expressed the different experiences with an unattractive significant other. Some agreed with Harvey’s advice. Others claimed that being “ugly” doesn’t stop a man from being a horrible partner. 

“It’s true they will dedicate their life to you.”

“The ladies all agree cause they all have a man that would die to be with them.”

“There’s a lotta wisdom in this.”


The secret to a long-lasting relationship: date an ugly man! Watch the full episode by following “Steve on Watch” on Facebook! #SteveOnWatch

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“They start feeling themselves because you chose them then start acting like they cute or something & start cheating too.”

“Nah Steve. That ain’t it. I tried.”

“Lies. Then they get confidence because they pulled you & start acting like they’re cute.”

Among the mixed reactions, a social media user pointed out that a good man will always be a good man regardless of how they look. They said, “A good man is a good man, regardless of looks. Period!”

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