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‘Know What Pissed Me Off’: Steve Harvey Unleashes Parenting Advice to Help ‘Girl Dad’ Ludacris

Steve Harvey may know a thing or two when it comes to parenting daughters who inevitably attract suitors as they go into the world. 

Having four daughters of his own — Brandi and Karli Harvey from a previous marriage, and stepdaughters Lori and Morgan Harvey from his current wife Majorie Harvey — he made sure to impart some of his wisdom onto rapper and girl dad Ludacris

Steve Harvey and Ludacris. (Photos: @iamsteveharveytv/Instagram, @ludacris/Instagram)

The “Rollout” emcee has four daughters of his own — Karma, 20, Cai, 7, Cadence, 6, and the newest edition, 2-month old Chance — and was all ears as a guest on Harvey’s Facebook show, “Steve on WATCH.” While explaining how his oldest is a current student at Spelman College, Ludacris revealed he is already making incognito pop-ups to campus to make sure his baby girl is staying on track.

Harvey, 64, jumped at the opportunity empathize with the concerned father. 

“You gon’ have to make an example, ’cause I seen your daughters, these are beautiful girls so you got this problem that I’ve suffered with,” began Harvey before easing into his advice during the Oct. 12 episode.

“You know what pissed me off, dawg, was couple of dudes back-doored me, you know got in around a couple of my little girls on the back door, ’cause you know they grown and live out the house,” continued the one fourth of the “Kings of Comedy.”

In recent interviews Harvey has been vocal about his disdain for stepdaughter Lori’s relationships. The 24 year-old model and entrepreneur has been linked to the likes of Trey Songz and Diddy, although she has only ever publicly acknowledged her past relationship with rapper Future and current beau actor Michael B. Jordan.

With the exception of Jordan, Harvey has stated he hated each of her suitors.

“But what you got to do is you still got to be a father, so even if they accept one of these offers from these idiots, what you got to do is you got to — ’cause you can’t stop it ’cause it done started — but you got to go around they back door. You got to have that Ludacris conversation with them on they on,” explained Harvey. 

An amused Ludacris responded, “See, now that’s some great, great advice. I appreciate that.”

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