‘Bey Said No Interview Tho’: Tina Knowles-Lawson Announces New Series on Facebook Watch as Beyoncé and Her Children Lend Vocals for Its Theme Song

Tina Knowles-Lawson shocked fans everywhere after disclosing her latest business venture, which involved a little help from her daughter Beyoncé.

In the Instagram post shared on Dec. 20, Knowles-Lawson revealed by uploading a promotional trailer that she has a new Facebook Watch series titled “Talks with Mama Tina.” The clip included a theme song that was sung by Beyoncé and Knowles-Lawson’s grandchildren.

Tina Knowles-Lawson shares she has a new Facebook Watch series called “Talks with Mama Tina” by sharing its trailer that includes her daughter Beyoncé singing the theme song. @mstinalawson/Instagram

“Talks with Mama Tina,” according to the 67-year-old, is a show where she has “honest heartfelt conversations” with “amazing” people. The list includes Kelly Rowland, Kevin Hart, Chlöe and Halle Bailey, Ciara, John David and Pauletta Washington, Zendaya, Storm Reid, Marsai Martin, and Tiffany Haddish. Other guests who will also appear will be the mothers of some of the talented people she has on her series.

In addition to the recording, Knowles-Lawson opened up in the caption about how much she loved filming the show. She wrote, “I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new @wetheculture @Facebookwatch show ‘Talks With Mama Tina,’ where I’ve invited some of my favorite people over to my home and have a talk with me.”

Knowles-Lawson added while revealing the series release date: “I loved filming this show and sitting down with so many amazing people because we got to have such honest, heartfelt conversations, and I got to make them my famous GUMBO! Be sure to tune in starting on THIS Wednesday, 12/23. At 5 pm PCT To view, you can visit my Facebook page. Facebook.com/MsTinaKnowlesLawson.”


In the caption, she also thanked Beyoncé and her grandchildren for making the “special theme song.” Knowles-Lawson wrapped up the caption by informing her followers that “Talk with Mama Tina” will show a different side of her guests because of the range of topics they would be discussing, including their families and where they grew up.

She said, “So you can enjoy watching these heart-to-heart talks, and Sometimes they show a more serious side of my guest. We talk about their families and how they grew up, and it is a very beautiful way to celebrate the talent of all of these super-talented people.”

As news regarding Knowles-Lawson’s new show began circulating on social media, fans couldn’t help but bring up the star’s daughter Beyoncé. The reason behind the commotion is because many jokingly claimed that the singer only participated in making the theme song so she wouldn’t be a guest on her mom’s show.

“How Beyoncé still not even a guest on her own mamas show low key Queen… she said here take this theme song tho.”

“Beyoncé said she can make that theme song but she not coming on.”

“Beyoncé ain’t slick, you could’ve kept the theme song and made an appearance on the show. We’re going to take what we can get tho.”

“Beyoncé said I’ll sing cause you know I’m not coming lol.”

“Bey said no interview tho.”

Among the previous Beyoncé remarks, a social media user mentioned how “beautiful” it is to see the “Love on Top” vocalist return devotion to her mother by singing the theme song. “Her mama has always been on her side. It’s always beautiful to see people return what they received, especially from their mother.”

“Talks with Mama Tina” will premiere on Facebook Watch on Dec. 23.

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