‘No Need to Tell the World!’: Keyshia Cole Shares She Plans to Become Celibate, Fans’ Reactions to the Post are Mixed

Keyshia Cole‘s recent tweet about celibacy received mixed reactions from fans after the singer disclosed that she plans to abstain from having sex in 2022. 

According to WebMD, many people choose to be celibate abstain from sexual intercourse for personal, religious or other reasons. The list includes lowering stress, increased focus and healing from trauma or grief. 

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – NOVEMBER 17: Keyshia Cole attends the 2019 Soul Train Awards at the Orleans Arena on November 17, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Cole’s announcement comes at a time that she has experienced a series of tragic events, such as the passing of her biological mother, Frankie Lyons, and her adoptive father, Leon Cole. In the Dec. 19 post, the “Let It Go” songstress wrote, “I’m tackling celibacy this entire next year.” 

Although Cole didn’t provide the primary reason she decided to become celibate, the singer gave a slight clue that one of the factors could be based on a possible failed relationship

In another tweet shared moments later, Cole clapped back at a fan who commended her for choosing to realign herself mentally and not solely focus on men. The “Heaven Sent” vocalist stated that despite the heartbreak she’s faced over the years in relationships, they were the inspirations behind her music. 

The original comment responding to Cole’s celibacy tweet read, “Great thing to do to [realign] yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. I remember when you first came into the industry, you were focused. Men were not in your view like that at all.”

Keyshia Cole claps back at a fan who claimed the singer didn’t have a past focus on men, after the 40-year-old announced she plans on becoming celibate. Photo:@keyshiacole/Twitter

The mother of two replied, “How u think I wrote all them songs boo? Them ninjas were there. Just a–holes and full of s–t, like they are now.”

As Cole’s celibacy post and response went viral, many people’s opinions regarding the topic were split. While some agreed with the previous remark about the singer realigning herself, others claimed that Cole didn’t have to publicly announce her new goal.

“Nothing better than cleansing your body of all other energies. Good for her.”

“Celibacy is a good thing to do…I mean it’s very enlightening, helps control your temptations, know your worth, it’s all around a good thing even for your mental health. FREE YOURSELF!! MIND BODY SOUL.”

“Nothing wrong with taking a pause to love yourself first.”

“Y’all announce EVERYTHING just DO IT, no need to tell the world!!!”

“Why do women feel the need to make these public announcements. Chile that is between you and you.”

A social media user stated that Cole announcing her planned celibacy makes the plans seem unauthentic. They said, “NOT OUR BUSINESS! True Celibacy journeys are PRIVATE and between you and GOD/ Universe if you’re really trying to move to a higher height. Announcing it is merely thirst trapping.”

This isn’t the first time Cole reportedly has practiced celibacy. In 2017, she revealed she was unintentionally celibate for 10 months because she was waiting for the right partner. Additional details surrounding Cole’s recent choice to become celibate have not been released, and the singer has since placed her Twitter page on private. 

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