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‘Don’t Play with Chilli Baybee!’: Chilli Blasts a Troll Who Questioned Why the Singer Wasn’t Married, Fans Defend the Star

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas‘ fans came to the singer’s defense on Friday, Dec. 17, after she clapped back at a troll that questioned her about her marital status. 

Thomas was famously linked to music producer Dallas Austin, with whom she also shares a son; R&B singer Usher, and allegedly dated Floyd Mayweather. Since then, Thomas’ dating life has remained relatively private. 

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas from TLC Photo:@therealchilli/Instagram

One person in particular commented on her youthful appearance and claimed to love the 50-year-old’s vibe after viewing her recent dance video. That person wrote, “She look so good still. And got the moves. Love the vibe.” After a troll replied to the Instagram user’s comment, Things began to take a turn. They expressed that if Thomas had such a lovable energy, why isn’t she married.

The social media user said. “Well, Why she don’t got a husband?? Something off.” Thomas clapped by saying, “@the.eye.test because I’m not into settling for bull [s–t emoji].” The troll then tried to convince the “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” singer to stop searching for partners out of her “league” and pick an individual that genuinely likes her.

“Males are born thirsty. All you have to do is pick one!! Stop going for dudes out of your league and pick the dude that actually like you. Every woman can’t have a fine Millionaire!” Thomas reassured the Instagram user that her future partner is a “rare find” and that the reason why she is single is not that she’s going out of her league when dating but because those individuals failed to meet her standards.

She wrote, while sending the troll away,”@the.eye.test I haven’t met the ONE in my league yet….he’s a rare find like myself. U take care now.” The Instagram user appeared to want to get the last word in when telling the star to “stop being picky.” “Stop being picky Chilli! Pick the guy that actually likes you. Your type don’t like you back. That means you’re reaching too high.”

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas shares the reason why she is not married after a troll commented on her dancing video. Photo:@hollywoodunlocked/Instagram

When the entire interaction with Thomas went viral on the blog site Hollywood Unlocked, many wondered why the Instagram user was heavily invested in the singer’s personal life. Several of them expressed that fans shouldn’t ask certain questions, especially regarding celebrities and relationships.

“Man! She killed that dance sheeesh but to answer that question everybody ain’t gotta end up married settle for what when you know you’re worth!”

“Right! And some people get married for the wrong reason. Just because you’re married don’t mean you’re happy.”

“Funny how u can just be enjoying yourself and posting yourself having a good time and someone out of nowhere tries to make it negative. She handled this way too classy.”

“Don’t play with Chilli Baybee! And, being ‘rich & fine’ has nothing to do with a person’s character, compatibility, beliefs, etc.”

“We still asking this dated question… It’s 2021 it’s more to life than “finding a man” s–t her not having one is probably why she still looks exactly the same as she did in her ‘No Scrubs’ days.”

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