‘It’s a Game-Changer’: Gabrielle Union Says 3-Year-Old Daughter Kaavia’s Latest Milestone Makes Her ‘Pretty Dang Dynamic’

Gabrielle Union recently opened up about her 3-year-old daughter Kaavia James, and it is amazing how much the little girl has accomplished.

In an interview with E! News last week, Union rattled off recent milestones and achievements of precocious “Kav,” as she called her daughter she shares with husband Dwyane Wade. “Her being able to count, her being able to identify certain words on the page, her being fully potty-trained and asking for privacy … language skills are off the charts,” Union said

Gabrielle Union and daughter Kaavia James. (Photo: gabunion/Instagram)

Kav is even mega-intelligent when it comes to technology. “Not sure what milestone that is in what book, but for Kav, it’s been a game-changer. She could turn on the TV herself and find her very specific YouTube videos that she wants to watch. Yeah, she’s pretty dang dynamic,” Union said. 

Union is even thinking that she’d better teach Kav as much as she can now because the toddler is learning so fast. “She’s been spoken to in Spanish since birth but, like, it’s time to start Mandarin? Maybe Cantonese! I don’t know. She’s a freaking sponge. She seems like she could do pretty much anything. Yeah, we’re trying to just come up with different ways of challenging her because she’s kind of off the charts.”

Although little Kav is so smart, she’s not unlike any other young child. Union described being brought back to reality sometimes.

“She has a tantrum and you’re like, ‘Wait, oh, wait, you’re not 100 years old. You’re a baby that cried because somebody put a tomato on your pasta and now you’re crying for the next four hours and you’ve decided that that person doesn’t like you because there’s a tomato.’ It’s a whole thing,” Union said. 

Gabrielle Union and Kav share a kiss while coloring. (Photo: gabunion/Instagram)

Union is a working mom and has been open about mom guilt after recently missing out on Kav’s holiday program because of work. “Hardest part about being a working Mom is missing important events in your kid’s lives. Today I missed @kaaviajames holiday program at school and felt so awful to disappoint her. So I did the next best thing and I became her hype woman before I left for work,” she wrote.

Recently, on Instagram she posted photos of herself coloring with Kav. The post said, “Rough week but turns out coloring with @kaaviajames was the answer all along. A lit👼🏾 🖤🥰🖤May we always get a touch of unexpected kindness when we least expect it and need it most.” Even her location via social media said, “At Home Being Loved.”

In addition to Kav, Union is a stepmother to her husband, Wade’s children Zaire, Xavier, and Zaya. 

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