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‘Blows My Mind’: Kaavia James’ Advice to Mom Gabrielle Union Has Fans Gushing Over How Smart the 2-Year-Old Is

Gabrielle Union‘s latest video of her daughter Kaavia James Union Wade, 2, offering the actress life advice on Monday, June 28, has fans pointing out how wise beyond her years the toddler is. 

Union captioned the TikTok, initially shared a week ago on Kaavia’s Instagram page and Union’s official TikTok account, “It’s Not A Crisis. But what if it isssssss tho?!! 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂 #MondayMotivation@kaaviajames.”

Kaavia James’ “crisis” advice to mom Gabrielle Union has fans mentioning how wise the toddler is for a 2-year-old. Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

In the recording, the toddler is seen comforting her mom, who seems visibly upset about something, although it isn’t addressed in the video or the caption. Kaavia hugs Union and hands her a flower from a floral arrangement on a table as she says, “It’s okay. It’s not a crisis.” The “L.A’s Finest” star responds by telling her daughter “thank you” as the video fades out with Kaavia grabbing another flower. 

As fans began flooding Union’s comments section, many brought up how knowledgeable Kaavia was for understanding the word crisis at her age. 

“She’s so smart.”

“It still blows my mind she knows what crisis is at that age 😂😂….Wow..She has some great teachers and you are raising that young queen well.”

“Vocabulary Hunny.”

“The fact that her comprehension of word utilization “CRISIS” is so on point is amazing in itself!”

“Wait that baby said it’s not a crisis????? This Boo is smarter than most adults.”

While the majority of people gushed over the toddler’s vocabulary, others expressed how meaningful Kaavia’s simple message was. One wrote, “It’s ok. It’s not a crisis. ❤️ so precious. We could all take a note. Don’t make things bigger than they have to be. I loved this.” Another said, “Listen sometimes we be needing a reminder when things aren’t a crisis! 🤷🏾 thanks @kaaviajames 💯🔥.” An Instagram user shared how Kaavia’s advice to her mother was something everyone can use in their everyday life. “Omg, we all can learn from her..💕 so adorable.”

This isn’t the first time Kaavia’s actions have served as a motivational tool to millions of people, including her mother. Earlier this year Union revealed the life lessons she has learned from her 2-year-old since her birth in November 2018, while sharing a video of Kaavia going down a slide.

She said, “I constantly learn life lessons from @kaaviajames She insists on mastering skills on her own terms. She never gives up. She never gets too discouraged. She just picks herself up time and time again, no matter how many times she falls on her face. She just gets back up, dusts herself off and keeps it pushing. She also seems to find joy in the missteps, like she knows the lows are temporary and necessary for growth. Happy Friday Folks! May we all be kinder to ourselves and others as we find our way and figure out this thing called life.”

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