‘The Hair and the Sentiment’: Gabrielle Union Claims Daughter Kaavia James Helped Put Things in Perspective After ‘Rough’ Week, Fans React

Gabrielle Union took to Instagram on Sunday, Dec. 12, and disclosed the one activity that helped her get through a “rough week,” which involved her daughter Kaavia James Union Wade.

Although the 49-year-old didn’t share what challenges she encountered in the post, Union did explain why coloring with the toddler made all her worries fade away.

Gabrielle Union shares that coloring with her daughter Kaavia James Union Wade helped put life in perspective after a long week. Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

Union wrote, “Rough week but turns out coloring with @kaaviajames was the answer all along. A lit (angel emoji) May we always get a touch of unexpected kindness when we least expect it and need it most.” As fans began to view the upload, many brought up how spending time with children can be therapeutic, especially in Union’s case. 

“Time with kids bring everything back into perspective.”

“Our babies have a way of giving us the purest form of love.”

“It’s crazy that our babies always seem to know when we need extra love and they deliver accordingly. Their little intuitions are always on point.” 

“Spending time and doing what the little ones want can be very therapeutic for adults. I’m all for it and love.”

In addition to the “therapeutic” remarks, others mentioned how they loved the pair’s hairstyles and the quality time they are spending together. One wrote, “Mommy & Me time is priceless and the hair…” Another said, “The hair and the sentiment.”

This post comes nearly two weeks after Union shared the hardships she faces being a working mom. The actress expressed how she was her daughter’s “hype woman” before Kaavia’s holiday program.

She stated, “Hardest part about being a working Mom is missing important events in your kid’s lives. Today I missed @kaaviajames holiday program at school and felt so awful to disappoint her. So I did the next best thing, and I became her hype woman before I left for work.”

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