‘This Right Here Brings Tears to My Eyes’: Gabrielle Union Receives Support After Expressing Mom Guilt for Missing This Special Moment with Daughter Kaavia James

Gabrielle Union’s transparent moment of dealing with “mommy guilt” was meant to be relatable for other mothers, but instead it was derailed by the topic of hair. 

The first-time mother to daughter Kaavia James shared snaps of sweet moments embracing her toddler, and a caption revealing some of the emotions she deals with as a mother. 

Gabrielle Union and Kaavia James. (Photo: @gabunion/Instagram)

“Hardest part about being a working Mom is missing important events in your kid’s lives. Today I missed @kaaviajames holiday program at school and felt so awful to disappoint her. So I did the next best thing and I became her hype woman before I left for work,” Union wrote as the caption.

Fellow moms who could identity with the feeling of missing out on their children’s precious moments reassured Union she was not alone. “We’ve all been there. Just know that you’re dong the best you can, and that’s good enough,” wrote one person. 

“I know it’s disappointing but you are wonderful mom to all your children,” commented another.

“Omg this right here brings tears to my eyes.”

But before fans could fully shroud the “Being Mary Jane” actress with support things took a left turn. In the photos Union’s hair is styled in a long braid, while her preschooler is rocking her natural tresses in a tossed Afro. More than one person took notice and issue with Union’s hair being done and not her daughter’s. 

“Ur hair always done u need to do ur daughters hair before URS but y’all cute tho,” wrote a critic. Another person agreeing with the criticism chimed in by writing, “I concur! Geese! Love me some Gabby but the Lil princess hair is never done!”

In the past Union has come under fire by critics who take issue with her daughter’s hair not being combed and styled to perfection whenever a camera is around.

“I’m human. I see comments where they’re like, ‘That child’s hair is never done,’” said Union earlier this year. She doubled down on her choice to not style her and husband Dwyane Wade’s daughter’s hair, because at the end of the day she is a child and healthy hair is the priority, not appeasing others. 

“You’ll see her like that on occasion. But regular Kaav is going to run around here during a pandemic after swim class and it’s going to be what it is,” she added. “You’ll see her natural curls. You’ll also see that they’re going to be moisturized. That’s more of what I care about, hair health, not the style.”

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