‘Better Husband, Father and Overall Man’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Don Brumfield Opens Up About How Bodybuilding Has Changed His Life

“Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Don Brumfield has given an update on his fitness journey. Recently, the reality star gave an update on his body transformation following a recent bodybuilding competition and how the sport helped him be a better role model to his kids.  

This Don took to his Instagram account and shared a gallery of photos and clips from The National Physique Committee (NPC) National Championships over the weekend. The annual event is considered one of the most prestigious shows in amateur bodybuilding. 

Don Brunfield describes how bodybuillding has changed him. @bishop_don/Instagram

Don opened up about the sport and how it changed him. “This journey isn’t for everyone. I chose it because it helped me see something in myself I forgot about years ago,” the reality star began his lengthy caption. 

“Bodybuilding has help me become a better Husband, father and overall man. Most don’t understand the dedication it takes to get better and better in this sport. Dedication, determination, and resilience in every way is the basis to this. Trust me there is a whole lot of blood sweat and tears that has built this body,” he added. 

Don’s posts also included a video of his performance on stage, during which you can hear his son cheer him, yelling, “Come on, dad!” Don captioned the video, “All I ever wanted to be was a super hero to my children.” He also shared selfies with friends and family members who came to support him, including his wife, Ashley Pickens, who has gone on her own fitness journey thanks to the VH1 star. 

Fans were moved by Don’s motivation to be a positive figure in his kids’ lives including one Instagram user who wrote, “You’re definitely a superhero to your kids, wife, family, and community! Changing the world begins with you.”

“That’s everything!!!!! His voice was so excited for his daddy! I love it!!” wrote another. A fourth person commented, “Yessss king make them kids n ya wife proud.”

The reality television star’s love for the sport first became evident to the world around November 2020. Don returned then to social media after what appeared to be a brief hiatus looking different from the previous time fans had gotten to see him. 

At the time he told fans, “This is only the start.” He added, “To be passionate about something comes with a different dedication. Best part for me is having family truly be there to want to see me not only attempt to win but truly grow as a man and just be happy with my self.” 

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