‘When Did He Grow Up?’: Tamar Braxton’s Fans are Stunned By How Much the Singer’s Son Has Grown

Tamar Braxton‘s latest video of her son Logan Herbert left fans in awe over how much the 8-year-old has grown. 

In the Instagram video shared on Dec.12, Herbert parades around his grandmother Evelyn Braxton’s cookbook in the kitchen. “Cooking with Ms. E” was released in October. When Herbert’s mother asked him what was in his hand, he said while referring to his grandmother as mom. “My mom’s new cookbook “Cooking with Ms. E.” You can get it where books are sold, Amazon and eBay, whatever shopping store you are going to. You should get this.”

Tamar Braxton’s latest video of her son, Logan Herbert, has mentioning how much the 8-year-old has grown. Photo:@tamarbraxton/Instagram

When Braxton asked the 8-year-old why he had it in his hand, Herbert replied that he was making his “famous recipe” that was titled Claps for Pancakes. “I want to make my famous recipe, my egg pancakes, for some reason my mom put in the book.”

In addition to the recording, Braxton shared in the caption how grateful she is for Herbert and her mother’s cooking memories. She said, “My baby @loganland8 wakes up so proud and happy and is always about that family life every day.!! I’m so grateful that He and my mother @evelynbraxton has so many memories of them cooking together. Create your own family memories with this cookbook over the holiday season with your family.” 

As fans began to view the post, many brought up how much Herbert has aged.

“Wow he has grown”

Tamar Braxton. Photo:@tamarbraxton/Instagram

“That sweet little face. Loggie beans is so grown up. Her truest love lies within that sweet face.”

“Look at that handsome brilliant young man!!! He’s growing up so fast. Hey Logan!!”

“@tamarbraxton … I love this, Nana’s are so special but Umm, when did he grow up? He was just like 4.”

“Logan has grown up so fast such a cutie awww….his sweet little voice is so precious.”

Tamar Braxton, who shares her Logan Herbert with ex-husband Vincent Herbert, welcomed her son in June 2013. Since Herbert’s birth in 2013, fans have been given a glimpse of his life from social media to the reality shows his family was involved in, including “Braxton’s Family Values” and its spin-off “Tamar and Vince.”

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