‘I Hated When You Guys Argued ‘: Tamar Braxton’s Birthday Post to Sister Trina Goes Left After Fans  Bring Up ‘Braxton Family Values’

Tamar Braxton‘s celebration post in honor of her sister Trina Braxton‘s 47th birthday got sidetracked on Dec. 3 after fans mention the duo’s family series “Braxton Family Values.”

“Braxton Family Values,” or “BFV,” is a We TV reality television series that follows the lives of Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina, Tamar, and the matriarch of the show Evelyn Braxton. “BFV” premiered in 2011, and the seventh season aired on the network last year. 

Tamar Braxton (right) shares a birthday post to her sister Trina Braxton (left) that gets derailed by fans requesting the return of “Braxton Family Values.” @tamarbraxton/Instagram

In the Instagram post, Tamar uploaded a throwback clip from the hit series where she, Trina, and Towanda, who was celebrating her birthday at the time by correcting the color of a locker, discussed the difference between two shades of purple. During a confessional, a frustrated Trina is ranting how she won’t paint something purple that is already that color.

She said, “OK, so Towanda is asking us to paint something that’s purple purple. Isn’t it already purple? No one cares if it’s paisley purple or whatever. It’s purple. That’s dumb. I ain’t painting it purple again.”

As the scene continued, Towanda — who is adding another coat on what appears to be a locker — asked Trina to do “one roll.” That request didn’t go over too well with Trina, because she immediately called her a “birthday-zilla,” eliciting laughter from Tamar and Trina. The recording ends with the three sisters continuing their debate about the different shades of purple.

In addition to the video, Tamar also penned a sweet message to Trina and stated she shared this video because it brought back good memories. She said, “I can’t let the day go by without saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @trinabraxton1. I love you to the moon and back!! I thank God for these memories!! May this trip around the sun be your best yet. I love you with my entire heart.”

As fans began to view Tamar’s post, many sent well-wishes to Trina on her special day. At the same time, others mentioned that the “Love & War” singer’s video made them miss watching “BFV.” A few even expressed they want to see the family’s show return.

“I miss the fun you guys had on the show! Really great show! I hated when you guys argued but that’s what makes it real life and relatable! We all fuss and fight! I just hated to see you guys. You all are so close and so fun and amazing.”

“I NEED FOR YALL TO COME BACK!!!!!!!!! I am a true fan who misses the show…. All the love…. All the truth when needed….. y’all are a blessing in so many ways….. COME BACK.”

“Wish y’all would come back to reality TV, miss y’all.”

“I miss watching y’all sisterhood such a beautiful thing. Keep making these memories even when the camera stopped.”

While performing at Nashville 8th Annual Old School BBQ Festival in October, Tamar hinted that “Braxton Family Values” could return to the small screen very soon. This announcement came a year after the singer cut ties with We TV for using the lowest point in her life to boost ratings during the series’ seventh season.

During that time, Tamar made several appearances on “BFV” and documented her purported suicide attempt in July 2020. She told the audience members, “What if I told you ‘Braxton Family Values’ is coming back? Not on no foolish network, I can tell you that.”

Despite Tamar’s statement, no other details regarding the return of “Braxton’s Family Values” have been released.

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