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‘Mama Evelyn Does Not Play’: Tamar Braxton Thanksgiving Throwback Clip from ‘Braxton Family Values’ Has Fans In Stitches

Tamar Braxton has her mindset on having chitterlings at Thanksgiving dinner this year. So much so that the singer and reality star shared a throwback clip from her family show, “Braxton Family Values.”

“Where are the freakin chitterlings for God’s sakes?!” Tamar wrote in the caption of an Instagram post on Tuesday, Nov. 23. “How can there be Thanksgiving without them!! Please help us @trinabraxton1 and I need em BAD.”

The funny clip features Tamar, her mother, Evelyn Braxton, and her sister Towanda Braxton shopping at the grocery store.

“Tamar, you for real gonna’ eat chitlins?” asked Towanda asked in the video before Tamar responded, “Yes, girl, you for real not?” Towanda countered with, “No, that’s disgusting.”

“Chitlins are a good way to bring a family together, even though they stank a little bit. But if you pull the membrane out it’s just fine, and that’s exactly what my mama does. So I don’t know what Towanda is talking about, but she shole ate the hell out them thangs just like I did.”

The clip also sees Tamar playfully annoying Towanda, which ultimately annoys their mother. “Those girls know they worked on my last nerve,” added Evelyn.

While standing in the check-out line, Evelyn then tells Tamar she couldn’t eat “skinny popcorn,” to which Tamar responded, “Well don’t eat nothing then.”

Evelyn’s head immediately does a 180 turn to say to her youngest daughter, “Who you think you talking to?” Of course, Tamar said, “Nobody,” but mama was not having it.

“I think you better get your act together,” said Evelyn, while Tamar added, “K.”

Fans in the comments enjoyed the hilarious “Braxton Family Values” clip, including Evelyn’s grandson, Toni Braxton‘s oldest son, Diezel Braxton, who calls her “MomMoms.”

“I’m sorry but MomMoms moment for real has me in tears,” Diezel wrote, while another individual said, “Mama Evelyn does not play.”

Many went back and forth explaining how hard it was to find chitterlings, including one who notified Tamar, “its a shortage on [chitterlings] this year.”

Others called for Tamar to share the entire “Braxton Family Values” clip, which ends with Towanda paying for the groceries herself. “You left the best part out when you and Ms. @evelynbraxton left and had @itowandabraxton pay for it,” wrote one fan with laughing emojis.

Meanwhile, many praised Evelyn for checking Tamar on how she talked to the “BFV” matriarch.

“Y’all better quit playing with momma,” one individual said, while another wrote, “Who you think you talking to! NOBODYYYYY. [You] were hilarious!!!!! I need the show to come back!”

Many began to petition for We TV’s “Braxton Family Values” to return for its eighth season, including some who said, “Y’all were the funniest folks on tv.”

One person added, “I love momma E! Miss seeing her on TV.”

“I miss the shenanigans,” wrote another.

Despite cutting ties with We TV last year, Tamar Braxton appeared in the seventh season of “Braxton Family Values,” which documented her purported suicide attempt in July 2020.

Tamar previously accused We TV of using her pain to boost the show’s ratings and made other claims about the series she’s been a part of since 2011 during an episode of her “Under Construction” podcast in November 2020.

“I created ‘Braxton Family Values.’ I created that show and funded it, OK? Let me go there,” said Tamar. “I know everybody is like, ‘Well, your sisters have to work and your sisters have to do this that and the other.’ Well, yeah, I know this because I created it.”

“Braxton Family Values” has maintained one of the top slots on We TV since its premiere in 2011. As of now, the network has yet to reveal plans for season 8.

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