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‘Captain Frugal at It Again’: Chad Johnson Jokingly Claims He’s Prepped to Deliver His Daughter After Watching Tutorials

Chad Johnson‘s inexpensive alternative of bringing his daughter into the world on Dec.8 left many mentioning how cheap the former Bengals wide receiver is. 

Johnson and his fiancée Sharelle Rosado announced they were expecting their first child together back in August. The two both have children from previous relationships. In the Instagram video, Johnson is seen giving Rosado an ultrasound while saying, “You see the head? You see the head people, that’s the head.”

Chad Johnson’s fans mentioned the star’s miserliness after he jokingly claims that he will deliver his daughter with fiancée Sharelle Rosado to save money on the hospital bills. @ochocinco/Instagram

The father of seven took it a step further in his caption by jokingly informing his fans that he will be delivering his daughter, who appears to be set to be named Serenity, live on Instagram because of the high hospital bills. Johnson also pointed out to those who might question his abilities that he has done extensive training by watching “countless hours” of YouTube videos on how to deliver a baby. 

He wrote, “OBGYN-OCHO giving @sharellerosado_ an ultrasound, will also be delivering Baby Serenity myself, which I will do live via Instagram in 3 weeks to save money cause them hospital bills ain’t it. Anyone that has concerns just know I’ve watched countless hours of YouTube tutorials on how to properly deliver a child. Thank you. -management.”

As Johnson’s followers viewed his post, many brought up how frugal the star is. One individual even compared him to “The Game” character Jason Pitt, played by Coby Bell. 

“Before I read his caption I said to myself, ‘he thinks him doing this is saving him money.’ He done out thought me, my man’s said he delivering the baby I’m all the way DONE.”

“Your discipline to saving money is unmatched …. New name Chad ‘Jason Pitts’ Johnson.”

“Captain Frugal at it again.”

“My guy always saving money!!!”

“Caption wild, bro gone save money by any means.”

In addition to the cheap remarks, an Instagram user stated they don’t know Rosado deals with Johnson and his antics on a daily basis. They said, “I do not know how she deals with you on the daily.” Another person agreed with the Instagram user by replying, “My same thoughts he’s a damn handful.”

Despite Johnson’s claims, it is unclear if he will be delivering his daughter.

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