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‘Those Genes are Strong’: Tia Mowry’s Post of Her Daughter and Tamera’s Daughter Has Fans Doing a Double Take

Tia Mowry took to Instagram on Wednesday, Dec. 8, and shared a post about her 3-year-old daughter Cairo Hardrict’s bond with her cousin Ariah Housley.

Ariah is the daughter of Tia’s twin sister Tamera Mowry and her husband, former senior news correspondent Adam Housley.

Tia Mowry’s fans expressed how similar her daughter Cairo Hardrict (left) and her niece Ariah Housley (right) looked in her recent upload. Photo:tiamowry/Instagram

In the upload, “The Game” actress shared three photos, which consisted of a throwback image of the cousins and two present-day snapshots. In addition to the pics, Tia disclosed in the caption how beautiful it is to see the pair grow up together. 

She said, “These two are the sweetest together! Watching them grow up together makes my heart melt. I’m so glad that Cairo has Ariah to look up to.” As fans began to view Tia’s post, many expressed how similar the cousins look. 

“They look identical in the first photo gosh #twincousins.”

“They look like sisters!.”

“Those genes are strong, look at those beautiful faces!”

(L-R in both photos): Cairo Hardrict and Ariah Housley Photo:@tiamowry/Instagram

“They look so much alike. Two cuties!!!!!”

“You can see the resemblance in their features”

Among the comparison remarks, a couple of people mentioned that Cairo and Ariah look somewhat similar because they are genetically half-siblings due to their mothers being identical twins. 

LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 21: Tamera Mowry (L) and Tia Mowry sign and discuss their new book ‘Twintuition’ at Barnes & Noble bookstore at The Grove on April 21, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Araya Doheny/WireImage)

One wrote, “As their mothers are identical twins, their kids are genetically half-siblings.” Another said, “Practically Sisters from a genetic standpoint! (Twins) love they have that bond! They are so beautiful. You and Tamara did good! Oh, and Corey and Adam too! Lol.”

According to the National Genome Research Institute, identical twins or monozygotic twins result from the fertilization of a single egg being split into two, and share all of their genes. 

Tia and Tamera confirmed they were identical twins in 2013 while filming their reality show after assuming they were for years based on their strongly similar physical appearance. 

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