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‘He Said Put Some Respect on His Name’: Chad Johnson Shocks Fans, Discloses How Much He Has In His Bank Account After Google’s Information Claimed He’s Worth $5 Million

Chad Johnson disclosed the amount of money he allegedly earned during a recent interview with “Full Send Podcast.”

In the Wednesday, Nov. 3, recording, Johnson informed the hosts about his spending habits when discussing his past salary while playing in the NFL.

Chad Johnson discusses his supposed net worth during a recent interview. Photo:@fullsendpodcast/YouTube

Johnson said at the 40:32 mark of the interview when asked what he did with the $560,000 he allegedly made every week while playing for the Cincinnati Bengals, “I’m the cheapest f–ker in the world literally.”

The 43-year-old then asked the hosts to look up his net worth on Google before showing his personal checking account. When the group shared that the search engine claimed Johnson was supposedly worth $5 million, the former football player passed his phone around and showed that his checking account reportedly had $15 million.

As the conversation continued, Johnson reiterated how cheap he was while in the league, “When I played, I was the cheapest son of a b–h. Extremely cheap… I shop at f–king Claires with a black card. What are you going to say? That’s just me. Other people have an image to live up to. They are trying to impress. They’re trying to compete. I’ve never been one of those. But if I like the way something looks, I’m going to wear it.”

He wrapped the conversation by mentioning all the expenses he did have, including his luxury cars, didn’t come through his personal money but through the “adventurous stuff” he was doing off the field.

Johnson said, while talking about his smart car, “I was only able to get the smart car because of all the adventurous stuff I was doing off the field to get all the luxury items. I didn’t use my money from playing. I never touched it, but for some reason, f–king Google net worth s–t thinks I was one of those f–king idiots.”

Chad Johnson’s supposed net worth as it appears on Google Photo: Google Screenshot/Google

Johnson began his football career with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2001 as a wide receiver and played with the team until 2011. That same year, Johnson was traded to the New England Patriots and was released from his contract in June 2012.

Also, around that period, Johnson signed with the Miami Dolphins. In August of that year, he was let go from the Dolphins after his arrest for a domestic battery charge filed by his ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada, following a heated argument that ultimately became violent after Johnson allegedly headbutted Lozada.

During the period of 2014 through 2017, Johnson played for two different teams, including the Canadian Football League’s Montreal Alouettes and briefly with Mexican team Monterrey Fundidores of the Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional. Since then, he hasn’t professionally participated in the league.

As Johnson’s interview went viral, fans’ responses to the discussion were split. Some applauded the star for debunking Google’s false information while others brought up his cheap habits.

“My dawg said stop playing with him.”

“Chad said F**K Violence… I’m choosing SAVINGS.”

“He said put some respect on his name”

“He is smart and cheap with certain stuff. Never going broke. Trust.”

“@ochocinco has been saying this for years he’s not gonna fall into stereotypes of radical spending lol you see how he doesn’t let his kids do it.”

“Y’all know how cheap this man is? Oh, he definitely has money.”

In addition to those remarks, one Instagram user stated how this interview proved that Internet users shouldn’t believe all of the information that the Google search engine provides. That person wrote, “That’s why people need to stop believing what google tells them. That site doesn’t know how much these celebs really have lol.”

Although Johnson reportedly shared how much money is in his checking account, it is unclear how much his total net worth is.

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