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‘Be Quiet Sometimes’: Yandy Smith-Harris Claps Back at Troll Who Claimed Dancing Video of Husband Mendeecees and Foster Daughter Infinity Felt ‘Forced’

Yandy Smith-Harris‘ dancing video of her husband Mendecees Harris and her foster daughter Infinity Gilyard caused a frenzy on social media on Dec. 5. 

The reason behind the uproar can be traced back to the trio’s intense public disagreement on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” months before. That particular incident first aired on the reality show in July, when Smith-Harris — who took in the teen in 2018 and became her foster mother the following year — and Gilyard met up to discuss their estranged relationship. 

Yandy Smith-Harris uploads a video of her foster daughter Infinity Gilyard (left) and Mendeecees Harris (right) dancing at her Yelle store. Photo:@yandysmith/Instagram

Their fractured relationship stemmed from Gilyard refusing to stop seeing an unidentified older individual who reportedly brought havoc into the mother-of-three’s home by allegedly trying to sell false stories to public outlets in hopes to have her children removed from the residence. 

When Smith-Harris and Gilyard’s discussion didn’t resolve any issues, the 39-year-old’s husband decided to step in by suggesting Gilyard get an apartment to repair the duo’s relationship. The conversation ultimately ended with the 19-year-old storming off in tears and the couple receiving massive backlash. In August, Harris later addressed the backlash in an Instagram live and claimed that Gilyard and Smith-Harris are in a much better place than when the “LHH: ATL” filming occurred. 

Since then, news regarding the trio’s current relationship status was not released to the public until Smith-Harris uploaded a recent recording of Gilyard and Harris dancing in her Yelle store. In the post, Gilyard attempts to teach Harris the “Chicken Noodle Soup” dance inspired by Bianca King’s 2006 hit track with the same name. The pair was all smiles while doing the dance that involved hand and leg movements. 

Infinity Gilyard (left) and Mendeecees Harris (right) Photo:@yandysmith/Instagram

In addition to the Dec. 5 post, Smith-Harris wrote how this experience made her whole night. She said in the caption, “If you know anything about @mendeecees, you know HE DONT DANCE. He tried, and that made my whole night. @infinitiayko got it going up at the @yelleskincare STORE.” As fans viewed the upload, many expressed how beautiful it is to see Gilyard and Harris bonding after the public spat. 

“It’s the effort for Me, man that’s so dope. All she wanted was to be happy and you guys wanted was to have a family be successful and raise beautiful kids, dreams really do come true. Love to see it.”

“I’m happy to see that he’s finally taking interest in trying to be a better foster dad. @yandysmith the last episode I watched with y’all was when he left you to do the hard part of telling her she coudn’t stay.”

“Seeing them interact together warms my heart. This a prime example that everything happens in Gods timing. May God continue to keep his hands on your family!”

Yandy Smith-Harris clapped back at a fan who claimed Mendeecees Harris and Infinity Gilyard’s bonding moment was forced. Photo:@yandysmith/Instagram

“Lol @mendeecees you tried man. The effort i love..That’s what’s up. Dad priceless moments. Cause that’s how I see you and @yandysmith as parents to her. Love to see her smile. You guys are true blessing.”

Among the overall positive responses, a couple of people felt the interaction was “forced.” When an Instagram user pointed it out in the comments section by saying, “Forced … this whole situation,” Smith-Harris immediately clapped back.

The reality star wrote, @blendedcosmeticsss yo people like you get on my FUXIN NERVES! Like seriously. Just STFU AND BE QUIET SOMETIMES. DAMN.”

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