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‘Sam Had Every Right to Want an Apology’: Yandy Smith-Harris, Her Sister and Mendeecees Jr.’s Mom Samantha Hash Out Their Years-Long Beef, and Fans Takes Samantha’s Side 

Let bygones be bygones.

Yandy Smith-Harris, her sister La Kisha Laurelle, and Mendeecees Harris‘ ex Samantha Wallace finally have put aside their differences and made amends following a years-long feud. 

Yandy Smith-Harris, and Mendeecees Harris. (Photo: Love & Hip Hop/YouTube screenshot)

Smith-Harris and Wallace’s beef stemmed from Harris’ ex and the mother of Mendeecees Harris Jr. accusing the reality star of publicly fabricating stories to make her look bad. The pair’s feud only got worse in the season 7 “Love & Hip Hop: New York” reunion special after Laurelle attacked Wallace during her explosive argument with Smith-Harris. Since then, the parties never properly addressed the situation until Oct. 24.

During this week’s episode, Wallace joined Mendeecees Harris Sr., Smith-Harris, and Laurelle to discuss what went down that fateful day in hopes of quashing the feud. Smith-Harris started the conversation by asking Wallace, “Hey, how you feeling?”

Wallace responded by thanking Smith-Harris for setting up the meeting, saying, “Yandy, I am so happy you made this happen.” 

As the camera panned to Laurelle, she mentioned how this conversation was a “long time coming.” Laurelle said, “What you got to say to me, hon’. It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve been waiting.” 

Wallace began by saying she intends to clear the air and wanted to know if the 2017 altercation was planned. 

Smith-Harris responded, “Samantha, you wanted to meet with her because you want to move forward, right? We don’t have to replay what happened.”

Wallace then noticed that situation was getting hostile after she accused Smith-Harris of lying in the past. She said, “Yandy you’ve lied to me, we are not going to bring up old wounds.” When Smith-Harris called out Wallace for mentioning past situations, she clarified that it was brought up to showcase the entrepreneur’s history of fabricating stories.

The conversation continued with Wallace asking Smith-Harris a second time if the physical altercation that occurred at the reunion was planned. She said, “I want to know did you set it up?” 

Smith-Harris responded, “You got to start things differently, ’cause you can’t come in here insulting me and think you are going to get something that you need.” Wallace replied by doubling down on her question, asking again, “I just wanted to know did Yandy set this up or not, that’s all.” 

Laurelle jumped in and replied that the physical altercation wasn’t orchestrated but occurred because she saw Smith-Harris being attacked by Wallace’s team. Laurelle said, “She didn’t set it up. I sat there and saw your team attacking my sister.” A frustrated Wallace then questioned Laurelle on why she felt it was necessary to put herself in a situation that didn’t involve her. 

Samantha Wallace. (Photo: Love & Hip Hop/YouTube screenshot)

Wallace said, “So who do you think you are to jump into something like that? Who are you?” Laurelle responded as Wallace mimicked her gestures, “I am Kisha, and if anything happens to her, if I feel she feels threatened, I’m jumping up at anybody, whether it be a man or a woman. So we can turn it up, or we can keep it down.” 

As Harris saw that the conversation was going to lead to another altercation, he tried to keep the peace by reminding each party that they were together in one room to quash the feud for the sake of Mendeecees Harris Jr.

He said, “Yo, come on, man, just chill the f–k out. We ain’t come here for that. My son is involved. Yo, work this s–t out.”

Harris added while pointing at Wallace, Smith-Harris, and Laurelle, “We didn’t come here for that, you understand. That’s my son’s mother, you my wife, you’re my sister-in-law. I’m never letting her threaten you and I’m never letting you threaten her.”

Harris shared during a confessional that the conversation took a shift because his ex came into the situation a bit “hot” and called Smith-Harris a liar. Harris disclosed that if this wasn’t his family he would have left but because it is he wants to do everything in his power to make sure everything is resolved.

“I’m shocked. Samantha came in hot, she came in calling Yandy a liar everybody started arguing. I don’t know what to think. If this wasn’t my family I would have been left but I felt like I got to make this work.”

After the tension in the room eased, Wallace stated that in order for everyone to make amends, she wanted an apology for the fight.

She said, “If we’re going to move forward, especially for my son and if you want to be a part of my son’s life. You want us all to come together, I just need an apology. We can move forward. That’s it.”

Laurelle replied, “You want an apology? I apologize for attacking you. That’s it, it wasn’t planned, it wasn’t set up. I love your son and on the strength of him I’m willing to make all this work.”

She added, “It was never a setup I acted on emotion. We going to move forward, and we are going to do it for the sake of little Mendeecees because if Mendeeces sees us all together happy, he will be happy, and that’s the goal.”

Yandy Smith-Harris and her sister La Kisha Laurelle. (Photo: Love & Hip Hop/YouTube screenshot)

The clip ended with Wallace accepting Laurelle’s apology, wanting to move past the drama, and Harris taking all the credit. As fans viewed the clip, many took Wallace’s side in the discussion and praised her for positively handling the situation. A couple of individuals claimed that Wallace was owed an apology.

“Sam had every right to want an apology. That woman attacked her. Love Sam’s energy. They are refusing to hug her like she done something wrong lol Yandy and her sis need to grow up.”

“All she ever wanted was accountability and a apology rightfully so which she should of been got but thankfully this is behind them all now.”

“Samantha came in with a good energy. She had a reason to go off on Kisha because Yandy knew who came from the back of Samantha and deny it on the show. Glad they both squash it for Mendeecees.”

“Samantha has been saying, all she wants is an apology and whether to know if it was a set up or not. I cannot believe this is how long this has dragged on over a simple apology. Yandy will never be mature enough to take responsibility and apologize for her family’s involvement in this situation.”

This comes a week after Harris failed to get Smith-Harris and Wallace to make amends at a planned dinner. The reason why both women failed to come to a resolution, aside from Smith-Harris being unaware of what was going on, was because they continued to talk about the past. The dinner ended with Smith-Harris and Harris arguing in the parking because he failed to tell her about the arrangement. 

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