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‘I Need to be Around My Family’: Yandy Smith’s Foster Daughter Breaks Down, Claims She’s Being Abandoned by the Reality Star and Husband Mendeecees

Yandy Smith-Harris‘ foster daughter Infinity Gilyard expressed that she felt like she was being abandoned by the reality star after having a discussion about moving arrangements with Smith-Harris and her husband Mendeecees Harris during the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

Smith-Harris initially took Gilyard into her home in 2018 after mentoring the teenager for three years, and began the process of becoming her foster mother. She completed the process the following year.

Yandy Smith-Harris and her husband Mendeecees Harris discuss moving arrangements with Infinity Gilyard during the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Photo:@loveandhiphop/Instagram

The sole purpose behind the conversation that aired earlier this week was to express how space between the foster mother and daughter could ultimately help repair the duo’s fractured relationship. Smith-Harris and Gilyard’s relationship became estranged after the 39-year-old claimed the teen wasn’t following her rules when she told Gilyard to stop seeing an older unidentified individual who allegedly brought chaos into the mother-of-three’s home.

The clip began with Mendeecees coming up with a proposition to help the 19-year-old comfortably settle as she transitions to becoming “a young adult” by moving into an apartment. He said, “You are going to get a job to pay your rent and start to live on your own. We are going to pay your rent for the first two months. We are going to help you be independent and make that transition to a young adult; that’s what’s important. What do you think?”

Gilyard then responded that despite being grateful for the help, she wasn’t ready “to be isolated.” Immediately following the teen’s reaction, the record producer then pointed out that this “opportunity” could help heal her relationship with Smith-Harris, a comment that brought Gilyard to tears. “This is the opportunity for you to repair the relationship. This is your time to prove that you can can be independent. Y’all might need y’all space in the beginning just to work on y’all issues.”

Smith-Harris joined the discussion by asking the 19-year-old why she was crying, to which she responded, “To y’all it feels like y’all helping me but to me it’s showing up as like, I feel like my biological mom is putting me right back out. I’m just afraid for it.I wanna fix anything I’ve done.”

As the conversation took a slight turn, Mendeecees decided it was best to let his wife handle the situation because he claims it’s her “mess” to fix despite it initially being his idea to have the discussion. He said during a confessional, “I’m not properly equipped to deal with this situation. So I feel like the best thing for me to do is to leave and hopefully they can work it out and figure it out themselves.”

Yandy Smith’s decision to return her adopted daughter Infinity Gilyard to her grandmother sparked a social media debate.Photo:@yandysmith/Instagram

The clip then transitioned to Smith-Harris reaffirming to Gilyard that she was not being abandoned to which the teen responded,” I’m not asking for no money. I don’t need y’all to find me an apartment. I don’t need y’all to pay my rent. I got my own savings. I can handle that.”

She added,” I don’t know how else would you want me to just say I need to be around my family to remember that I have people that take care of me. Somebody that I know does love me.”

Gilyard then reiterated her sentiments in a confessional that she doesn’t want to be grown because she’s been forced into adulthood from an early age. She claimed the couple’s attempt of encouraging her to move out was a way to “escape from the situation.” The 19-year-old then emotionally exited the room.

As the clip became viral, many people blamed Smith-Harris for not handling the situation differently and allowing Mendeecees to set the tone. Others bought up that the couple has to realize that Gilyard is young and will make mistakes despite how they feel toward her.

“They both dead wrong for this. She’s a child, teenager, not grown and certainly not responsible enough to live on her own. It’s obvious Mendeecees does not like Infinity in their family, but Yandy need to stick up for this child.”

“I dont like how they are treating this girl. I am not saying she is an angel but when Yandy decided to foster Infinity she knew that the young girl came with baggage.”

“Why doesn’t Yandy open up her mouth and say no! He’s not running NOTHING and its obvious he doesn’t want that girl there smh.”

“It’s a messed up situation she did what any teenage girl would do she got involved in a bad relationship with someone older but that doesn’t mean she don’t deserve grace and mercy to right her wrongs.”

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