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‘I Don’t Think I Would Have Told Anyone That’: Fans Are Shocked After Mendeecees Claims He Once Put His Mom Up for Collateral In Drug Deal 

Mendeecees Harris shocked his fans after he said during an episode of the “Club Shay Shay” podcast on April 3 that he once put his mother up for collateral for a drug buy.

Harris made the revelation during a chat with podcast host Shannon Sharpe, where he shared stories about dealing cocaine during his street life days.

Mendeecees Harris
Shannon Sharpe (left) and Mendeecees Harris (right) on “Club Shay Shay.” (Photo: “Club Shay Shay” screenshot / YouTube)

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star admitted that he had to give up the address of his mother, Judy Harris after he was fronted several kilos of cocaine during a drug deal.

“But, I got some crazy stories about…you know. I remember one time I was dealing with a connect, and this gonna sound horrible, but I put my mom up for collateral,” prompting Sharpe to exclaim, “What?!”

“Yeah,” replied Harris. “I was getting a bunch of keys, and they was like, ‘Well, you gotta show me where your mom live at, ’cause if you run off on this, we can’t afford for you to run off.’ And I was like, I didn’t have no intentions of running off, so I was like, ‘All right I’ll show you.’ And I took ’em. And she had no idea, and I took ’em.

“I think at that point I had good in my heart to do good business, so I didn’t think that far,” he said as Sharpe noted he put his mother in danger.

“I never even told nobody that,” Harris added. “When I look back at the decisions I made now, I be like, ‘Golly, I can’t believe I’m still here.'”

After Sharpe asked Harris if putting his mother up for collateral was one of the worst things he did while dealing drugs, Harris responded, “That’s one of them.”

Harris was first introduced on “Love & Hip-Hop: New York” with his now wife Yandy Smith-Harris. The couple had a lavish wedding on the show in 2015 but weren’t legally married. The VH1 series well-documented their ups and downs as a union and their criminal affairs. Harris spent five years in prison after pleading guilty to trafficking cocaine before being released in 2020.

His mother, Judy, has also appeared on the show frequently, though fans pegged her as a meddling mother-in-law who had good intentions.

The Shade Room shared a clip of Harris’ interview on Instagram, and his fans were shocked by the reality star’s revelation.

“Some things you need to go to the grave with and not tell a soul,” noted one fan. “Cause what?!”

Another fan agreed and replied, “Yeahhh I don’t think I would have told anyone that.”

A third wrote, “On today’s episode of Things You Think But Don’t Say.”

“Man nah!!!! You only get one mama! He wild for this one,” concluded another.

Mendeecees shared a number of “crazy stories” during his chat, but this may have been the craziest one. These days he’s living a changed life and making better decisions for himself and his family.

The Harris’ uprooted their entire family from New York and moved to Atlanta in 2020 with their two children, son Omare, 10, and daughter, Skylar, 8. Mendeecees’ oldest son, Mendeecees Harris Jr., moved down much later, followed by the boy’s mother, Samantha Wallace.

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