‘Her Face Changed from Her Dad’s Face to Yours in 3 Pics’: Fans Rave Over Beauty of Shai Moss, Daughter of Bow Wow and Joie Chavis

Bow Wow and Joie Chavis’ daughter Shai Moss’ beauty was the topic of conversation on Thursday, Nov. 11, after Chavis shared a post with the 10-year-old.

In the Instagram upload, Chavis showed the process of doing Moss’ hair in three photos.

Joie Chavis’ post of daughter Shai Moss has fans raving over the 10-year-old’s beauty. Photo:@joiechavis/Instagram

The first photo shows Chavis removing Moss’ two ponytails. In the following image, the mother of two is seen spraying what appears to be a moisturizer on the 10-year-old’s unraveled hair. The final snapshot displays Chavis putting her daughter’s hair in a half-up, half-down style. As fans began to view Chavis’ post, many marveled over Moss’ beauty.

“That little girl is so pretty omg.”

“She’s so beautiful and I love the hair.”

“So beautiful!! Goodness, gracious.”

“Her whole Face is BEAUTIFUL OMG.”

“How is she so perfect”

Joie Chavis (rear) and Shai Moss (front) Photo:@joiechavis/Instagram

Among the compliments, others pointed out how strongly Moss resembled both parents. One wrote, “her face changed from her dad’s face to yours in 3 pics.” Another said, “Super pretty & perfect combo of both parents.”

In addition to inheriting her parents’ looks, Moss has also gravitated toward their professions as well. Chavis is a professional dancer and entrepreneur while Bow Wow is a rapper and actor. The 10-year-old has posted numerous viral dance videos with her mother and has just recently has taken up acting.

In September, “Smart Guy” actress Essence Atkins announced she was working with Moss on an undisclosed project on Instagram. The 49-year-old uploaded behind-the-scenes photos, including of Moss and her other co-stars Tony Rock and Kennedy Stephens.

She captioned the Sept. 15 post, “I love what I do especially when I get to do it with kind and talented people. New project. New character. New blessings. #thankyouGodmoreplease.” This announcement came days after Moss revealed in an Instagram post she was present on a set without sharing details. 

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