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‘That’s How Big Boys Do It’: Rick Ross Reveals Financial Strategy to Help Everyone Get Rich

The “Biggest Boss” Rick Ross built his multi-million dollar empire with almost two dozen partnerships and business ventures like Rap Snacks, Checkers, Luc Belaire, and a new hemp line of CBD wraps. Now, he’s working on a deal to assemble his version of PayPal Mafia, which Business Insider describes as a group of millionaire entrepreneurs establishing various businesses such as Tesla, YouTube, and others, and giving equity to their friends.

In a Complex interview, released on Tuesday, Nov. 23, the Miami mogul and rapper said the goal is to help everyone get rich.

“That’s the game [plan] for 2022,” Ross declared. “Everybody leaves invigorated with a whole m———–g drive to push for you and spread the love to the next tier. That’s how big boys do it.” 

Outside of releasing six number-one albums on Billboard, the “Port of Miami” rapper is the CEO of Maybach Music Group, a record label of artists that includes Meek Mill, Rockie Fresh, Stalley, Gunplay and others.

In October 2020, Ross bought 87 acres of land near his 235-acre estate in Georgia, dubbed the “Promised Land.” Last May, he introduced Luc Belaire’s new “Bleu” bottle. Ross also owns over 25 Wingstop franchises, one of which he gifted his 16-year-old son for his birthday in September.

Ross’ empire includes two New York Times bestselling books, 120 cars and a $2 million watch from Jacob & Co. The 45-year-old now aims to invest in one of the most prominent NBA franchises, the Miami Heat basketball team.

“Everything else got to be big boy s–t, too. We got to buy a piece of the Heat,” he explained. “Give me three years, and I’ll be able to do it.” 

Rick Ross hit the basketball court with Miami Heat player Bam Adebayo. (Photo: @rickross/Instagram)

Ross said he’s “still moving” like he was 15 years ago during the release of his platinum debut album “Port of Miami.” Even after acknowledging his many accomplishments, he said he intends to become as big, if not bigger, than Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

“I need it all,” Ross added. “The fact is, I am richer than I’ve ever been. But the bigger fact is I’m more excited than I’ve ever been.” 

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