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‘After He Done Dissed the Baby’: Bow Wow Gets Dragged By Fans Now That He’s Changing His Tune a Month After Disowning His Son

Bow Wow’s actions he’s shown to the public eye regarding his son have not been sitting right with the fans lately.

Over the weekend, it was declared by a Georgia court that 1-year-old Stone Moss, the son Bow Wow claimed last year but disowned last month, is biologically his son. Now, after gossip blog “The Neighborhood Talk” posted the news and the documents on the site’s Instagram page, Bow Wow appears to be changing his tune.

Bow Wow’s alleged son Stone Moss, (T) Bow Wow, (B) Olivia Sky (Photo: (Photo: @shadmoss/Instagram

The “Bounce With Me” rapper saw the post and wrote a comment where he claimed his baby boy. He said, “Such a blessing to have him in my life with,” adding a red heart emoji. This comes after he had a Q&A session with fans on Twitter and when they asked about his son, his responses insinuated that he was not aware of him having a son. Other fans asked about both of his children, but he only would acknowledge his oldest child, Shai Moss.

While he never fully explained why his responses relating to his son were so dismissive, gossip blogs think it may be because, earlier that same day, a case was initiated by his son’s mother to get child support. There reportedly isn’t a court-mandated child support arrangement regarding his daughter.

Despite him having a change of heart now, it looks like the fans won’t forgive him that easily. One person who responded to his comment of him calling his son a “blessing” said, “After he done dissed the baby ……. Boy knew it was his baby and still did that smh hopefully he supports that blessing and not only when it’s convenient for him.”

Bow Wow responds to news that he is the biological father of his son after disowning him. (Photo: @shadmoss/Instagram)

Someone else joked, “Tune Changed Up REAL Quick.” Another said, “Oh now it’s a blessing but you was referencing Billie Jean beforehand,” referring to when people asked him about his son on Twitter and he would respond that he was listening to the song “Billie Jean.” Many interpreted that as a dig since Billie Jean is a song by Michael Jackson about a woman accusing Jackson of being the father of a son he says he didn’t father.

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