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‘Father of the Year’: Bow Wow’s Daughter Shai Moss Meets Rihanna, Says the Singer Is Shai’s No. 1 Fan

Bow Wows intimate dinner with his 9-year-old daughter Shai Moss at an undisclosed location became a star-studded affair after the father-daughter duo ran into Rihanna, who was eating at the same restaurant. The rapper shared a photo of Shai and the “We Found Love” songstress on his Twitter page on March 24.

The “Fresh Azimiz” lyricist captioned the snapshot of the two wearing matching black masks, “Took Shai to dinner last night and look who she runs into! Thank you sis @rihanna this made her year and made daddy of the year! Ri x Shai.” Bow Wow also shared the snapshot on his Instagram Story, where he told Rihanna how the chance encounter made his daughter’s “whole year.” The 34-year-old said, “Guess who we ran into at dinner… This made her whole year. and she said she’s your #1 fan Shai.”

Bow Wow reveals on March 24 that he and his daughter ran into Rihanna while eating dinner. Photo:@shadmoss/Instagram Story Screenshot

The pic was initially posted on Shai’s page earlier in the day. The 9-year-old told her followers she met her “best friend.” She said, “That’s my best friend! 😩😍😍 ahhhh I met Rihanna you guys!!! ❤️❤️.” Bow Wow reiterated in the comment section how the “Needed Me” singer loves his daughter’s work — Shai has done some viral dance videos and is breaking into acting — and called her a “superstar.”

“She said she your biggest fan ! Lets go shai shai! She said you are a superstar!!!! Thanks sis @badgalriri.”

Some people commended Bow Wow for being a good father. One referenced his tweet and claimed he will get father of the year, while others complimented the adorable photo.

“He’s definitely getting the father of the year award for this one.”

“He’s such a good daddy ❤️.”

“Awwwee bow wow is a great dad.”

“Awe she is so excited. You can tell she is happy 😂😂😂 super cute 😍.”

“Awwwww now this is too adorable.”

Bow Wow and Shai Moss. (Photo: @shadmoss/Instagram)

The rapper, who’s received praise for his latest unplanned gift to his 9-year-old, opened up in the past about how important co-parenting is with the mothers — model Olivia Sky and dancer Joie Chavis — of his two children and the lessons he’s learned from Diddy.

During an interview with The Shade Room, the father of two said, “My Kids’ moms — you see I don’t even like to say baby mama or baby mother —my children’s moms, they can call me for anything. Imma get it done. If they out of town, if they in Miami, they need something, they wanna go out, no matter what it is. If it’s a function going on, they need to get in with they girls, Imma set it up. Sections done, bang, there it is. We family. I think that’s important.”

He added, “And I got that from Puffy, I learned a lot from Puff. He taught me a lot, being around him, watching how he moves, and I’m always asking him questions like ‘How do you do it? How, how?’ And it’s a blessing, and it works well when it’s like that, so it’s family, it’s a family affair. Like I said, I love them both, and I’m just happy I’ve got two good ones on my side. I’m done after this. No more for Bow.” 

Bow Wow welcomed Stone Moss with Sky on September 2020 and welcomed Shai with Chavis in 2011.

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