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‘You Got Pipes Girl’: Yandy Smith’s Post with Queen Naija Gets Derailed After Fans Realized the Reality Star’s Hidden Talent

Yandy Smith-Harris shocked fans on Monday, Oct. 18 ,after uploading an Instagram Live video she did with Queen Naija. 

The purpose behind the post was to wish the singer a happy birthday with clips of the pair spending time together during an undisclosed time. In the recordings, Smith-Harris and Naija were seen harmonizing one of the 26-year-old’s tracks, “Butterflies.” 

Yandy Smith-Harris’ birthday post to Queen Naija gets derailed after fans find out the star’s hidden talent. Photo:@yandysmith/Instagram

The clip began with the “Love & Hip Hop” alum asking Naija for guidance in singing a specific lyric without vocal runs as she said, “How do we do it straight without [mimicking a run tone].” When Naija demonstrated the verse, “And I know ’cause I’ve been broken,” Smith-Harris followed suit by repeating the same line. 

As the video continued, the women tackled the following lyric in the song, “Trying to protect my heart.” During that moment, Smith-Harris appeared to have struggled to find the range but ultimately completed the line by going anoctave lower than Naija. The video wrapped with both Naija and Smith-Harris singing separately, “But you’re making it so hard.”

In addition to the recordings, Smith-Harris penned a sweet birthday message to the singer. She said, “It’s my baby boo’s birthday! @queennaija, you know the turn up at the crib gonna be real when we both get back. Love you down. Y’all wish her a happy birthday and get some tickets to the tour!!!”

As fans began to view Smith-Harris’ upload, many of them praised her hidden vocal talents. A couple even suggested the reality star get into the studio and make some music.

“That voice is an untapped stream of Income.”

“You got pipes girl.”

“You can sing girl get in the studio.”

“You can sing stop doubting yourself. You need to go in the studio!!”

“You’ve been hiding that voice, now we need just one single.”

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