‘That Was My Moment of I’m Gonna Be OK’: Kevin Hart Reveals How the Male Strip Club Sweet Cheeks Helped His Comedy

Kevin Hart appeared on “All The Smoke” with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on Oct. 7 and discussed his time performing in male strip clubs.

The comedian credited his time working at the male strip club Sweet Cheeks for helping him shape his comedic skills.

Kevin Hart male strip club comedy
Kevin Hart speaking on “All The Smoke” on Oct. 7. (Photo credit: All The Smoke/ YouTube)

He also told Barnes and Jackson about the time he was hit in the face with a buffalo wing by a heckler while performing at Sweet Cheeks and almost quit comedy.

“My first bad one?” he asked. “Sweet Cheeks. It was a male strip club. I didn’t even know at the time. … It was raunchy, imagine the worst, most vulgar people.”

Hart went on to say that the Sweet Cheeks audience was not there for the comedy and were rather hostile toward the comedians. He joked that the real comedy was the comedians being heckled.

“The first time was rough. Threw a chicken wing at me. It’s a true story. Threw a buffalo wing at me. I’ll never forget. Sauce and everything. … A little sauce got in my eye a little bit and I tried to man up, ‘Who the f*** threw it? At the end of the day, I’m a man!’ ‘Shut up, b****!’ You could hear in the back. ‘F*** off the stage.'”

The comedian, who was only 19 at the time, said he put his microphone back in the stand and walked off the stage.

He later pondered if he wanted to keep performing and eventually decided to go back to the club. Hart said that he handled the audience differently and began connecting with the raunchy crowd.

Hart continued to perform at the club and developed his craft. After being comfortable performing in such a negative environment, the comedian knew he could perform anywhere and worked on balancing his act.

The comedian also began hosting shows and brought in other comedians who didn’t want to perform at the rowdy club. He began to make more money and realized he was going in the right direction.

“That was my moment of I’m gonna be OK,” said Hart. The actor also discussed his success as an actor and how he wants to take his film career to the next level. Hart has starred in several films such as “The Upside,” “Ride Along,” and “Fatherhood.”

Hart also hilariously told his buffalo wing story while appearing on “The Late Show With James Corden” and had the host and actor John C. Reilly in stitches.

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