‘We Can Allow Our Bodies to Just Be’: Tia Mowry Takes Shots at ‘Snapback Culture’, Shares Before and After Pregnancy Photos

Tia Mowry candidly discussed on her Instagram page the effects snapback culture has on women after pregnancy.

Snapback is a term used to describe an individual who immediately loses their pregnancy weight right after birth.The actress shared details of her years-long weight loss journey with before and after photos following the birth of her now-3-year-old daughter Cairo Hardrict.

Tia Mowry opened up about the pressures that snapback culture after pregnancy has on women. Photo:@tiamowry/Instagram

Mowry said in the Oct. 11 post, “Pregnancy was such a special time in my life and I loved it and my bump! I also loved my body before pregnancy. We’re led to believe we should love one over the other. But it was important for me to be super proud of BOTH bodies instead of feeling pressured to be a part of the snapback culture.”

She added by emphasizing the importance of loving one’s body and nourishing it after childbirth. “I think instead we can look at our bodies and love and acknowledge them for keeping us alive and keeping our babies alive! Mamas, we can allow our bodies to just BE while we nourish them (and our little ones!) with good things, instead of buying into the snapback culture.”

Following Mowry’s upload, a handful of followers thanked the star for being open about her experience while sharing her advice.

“Pregnancy body shouldn’t be a shame. Love your body before and after.”

“Yes. I love how you took your time getting back in shape. It wasn’t a rush, and it shouldn’t be. Our society has become so superficial. I’d rather focus on healing and nourishing my baby than to rush getting super thin just to brag that I snapped back.”

Tia Mowry. (Photo: @tiamowry/Instagram)

“Love every bit of this post !! Thank you for this special reminder @tiamowry.”

“Very well said.”

“Powerful words Tia so true!”

In June, Mowry shared with Yahoo’s “So Mini Ways” that she encountered postpartum weight-loss struggles after the birth of her second child. The “Family Reunion” star revealed she thought something was wrong when she failed to notice a difference in her belly despite developing good eating habits and working out.

The 43-year-old said, “I had an unhealthy perspective because of what was pushed in society. So when I saw that my belly wasn’t flat after having a baby and I was not on the beach in a bikini saying, ‘Yeah, I just had a baby!’ I literally thought something was wrong with me. I’m very serious.”

Mowry further elaborated after seeking advice from her gynecologist she learned that following childbirth the uterus takes a while to shrink back to its normal size. “I went to my gynecologist, and I said, ‘Why isn’t my stomach going down? Like, what’s wrong with me?’ And then she actually told me, ‘Tia, it takes a minute for your uterus to shrink.’”

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