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‘I Just Wanted to See If It Was Gonna Get Better’: Tia Mowry’s ‘Goofy’ Dance Moves Leave Fans Rolling with Laughter

Tia Mowry appeared to bring a little comedy to her workout session on Sept. 2 in an Instagram Story showcasing her signature moves.

In the clip captioned “As you can see I don’t take myself seriously,” the 43-year-old is seen jokingly dancing along to Rotimi’s 2019 hit “In My Bed.” Mowry starts the video gyrating in front of the mirror before thrusting her pelvis to the beat.

Tia Mowry left fans in tears after posting a video of herself dancing while working out. @tiamowry/Instagram

When Mowry’s dance video became viral many pointed out how much they enjoyed her “goofy” moment. One Instagram user jokingly said they continued to watch the recording because they thought it was going to get better.

“Once you learn how too laugh at yourself, you have mastered life 😂.”

“Lmao it’s the tippy toes for me 😍. This is why I love her @tiamowry !!!!!”

“She’s so goofy 😂.”

“When the spirit of unseriousness enters your body😂.”

“I just wanted to see if it was gonna get better😂😂😂.”

In the past, the actress opened up about her postpartum weight-loss struggles following the birth of her now-3-year-old daughter Cairo Hardrict. In a June interview with Yahoo’s “So Mini Ways,” Mowry shared how she felt something was wrong after she failed to notice a physical change in her belly despite working out and developing healthy eating habits.

The “Family Reunion” star told the parenting series while disclosing how her three-year weight loss journey inspired countless of people, including her fans, “I have gotten a lot of feedback, and most of it has been positive — a lot of women saying like, ‘Thank you so much, you’ve inspired me.’

“I had an unhealthy perspective because of what was pushed in society,” she continued. “So when I saw that my belly wasn’t flat after having a baby and I was not on the beach in a bikini saying, ‘Yeah, I just had a baby!’ I literally thought something was wrong with me. I’m very serious.”

Mowry further explained that she sought advice from her gynecologist after the initial discovery. “I went to my gynecologist, and I said, ‘Why isn’t my stomach going down? Like, what’s wrong with me?’ And then she actually told me, ‘Tia, it takes a minute for your uterus to shrink.’”

Since that interview, she has displayed how much her hard work has paid off by sharing an Instagram photo of her slimmer figure. She captioned the post, “Was hesitant about posting. But you know what, why not? Tia, you have come a long way:)#workout #mom #momlife #love.”

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