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‘She Does a Lot to That Leg’: Common Gushes Over Tiffany Haddish After She Leaves Him a Special Message

Everyone knows Tiffany Haddish has jokes for days; her profession calls for her to make people laugh, after all. But what everyone doesn’t know is that she uses some of her jokes on her man, Common.

Common visited “The Ellen Show” as a guest about a week after Tiffany was a guest. During the show, Ellen told Common that his “Queen,” a nickname he calls Tiffany, left him a message backstage. A photo pops up of a smiling Haddish writing a short message on the mirror with pink lettering.

Tiffany Hadish and Common at The Apollo Theater on October 08, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

It reads, “Break Leg! But not my favorite one I need that one tonight.” Before responding to Ellen’s question regarding what Haddish does with his leg, Common let off a chuckle and proceeded to talk about how wonderful of a person his girlfriend is. He said, “I mean this woman man! Tiffany is one of the most freest fun-loving, good-hearted individuals I ever met in my life. And that’s where I feel like our connection is the purest,” he said while interlocking his fingers, “and it’s the best.”

Common didn’t attempt to dodge Ellen’s initial question about the leg. He ended his response with, “Man, she does a lot to that favorite leg,” while wagging his finger and chuckling once more.

Haddish also spoke about Common during her Ellen visit. In a Sept. 15 clip, she opened up about her love scene with co-star Oscar Issac in their new film “The Card Counter.” She revealed who else she would be interested in partaking in a love scene with and she listed off Michael B. Jordan, Jim Carrey; plus, Common made the cut as well.

“That would be nice. We do it sometimes. We practice.” she said with a sneaky smile. Earlier in the show, she said when she told Common about the love scene in “The Card Counter” he told her “Make sure you do a good job.” In her comedic tone, Haddish said she responded, “Oh I will.”

Haddish and Common became friends on the set of their 2019 film “The Kitchen” and by 2020 they confirmed they were dating. It’s been about a year since they’ve confirmed the speculations about their relationship, and their union seems to be getting stronger by the day. Every time they speak publicly about each other they typically have nothing but good things to say.

This is the first public relationship the world has gotten to see Haddish in since becoming famous. Common, on the other hand, who has been famous much longer than Haddish, has been linked to some other high-profile women.

He’s famously dated tennis legend Serena Williams, former CNN political commentator Angela Rye and soul singer Erykah Badu.

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