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‘It’s the Caption for Me’: Tiffany Haddish Gushes Over Her Man Common, Fans Love Their Bond

Tiffany Haddish took to Instagram on Dec. 8 to commemorate her boyfriend Commons 18th anniversary of his “Electric Circus” album.

In the post, the “Night School” actress revealed how inspired she was by her man. Haddish wrote, “I like that I am in a relationship with a man that has a real history in their art. @common I find it inspiring, sexy and Admirable.” She also compared the rapper to a Pokémon, a character from the eponymous 1998 children’s show whose premise was about being the best competitor. “I love being in the presence of someone that is doing what they love and Evolving like a Pokémon.” Tons of followers raved over the doting couple.

Tiffany Haddish gushes over boyfriend Common’s album anniversary. @tiffanyhaddish/Instagram

“😍😍Awwwww it’s the caption for me 😩”

“Awe! The love that y’all have for each other is phenomenal!❤️🤗”

“Beautiful! Soooo happy for you both!”

“Best quarantine romance story of 2020 🥰♥️🥰 so happy for you Ms. @tiffanyhaddish”

Although many fans were praising Tiffany’s loving remarks, several others were defending the “Girl’s Trip” star after trolls decided to bash the 41-year-old. One wrote how the comedian deserved to be happy despite what the naysayers think. “Some of these comments about Tiffany and Common dating y’all act as if she ain’t worthy of a good man she deserves to be happy in love just like any of you. I’m Happy for you Tiffany 💪🏽🙏🏽❤️.”

Another said people should mind their own business. They said, “What happened to minding your business? Folks get so comfortable with pulling the SEND trigger. If you happy for her be happy. If you’re not keep it moving. Smh”

An Instagram user pointed out that just because Common doesn’t post Tiffany on his social media page doesn’t mean their relationship isn’t stable. “Everyone out there hating just cause he hasn’t posted. … Some of the strongest relationships are kept private and all She is doing is showing moral support to her man.”

The actress confirmed that she and Common were dating in August during an interview with Steve-O. She told him they initially met on the set of their 2019 film “The Kitchen,” but the relationship didn’t progress until after the duo went on a virtual Bumble date. Haddish added that this is by far the best relationship she’s ever been in.

“This is hands down the best relationship I’ve ever been in — knock on wood,” Haddish said in the interview. “I’ve lost 20 pounds since I’ve been in this relationship. I feel more confident in me, and it’s not him that’s doing it. … It’s like, way happier, and it’s like knowing I got somebody that cares about me, that really has my back. It seems like he does anyway. And I love it. I love him.”

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