‘Here We Go Again’: Fans Are Not Having It After Reginae Carter Claims YFN Lucci as Her Boyfriend Again

It looks like Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci are ready to give their love another shot. After a late night of partying and celebrating her 22nd birthday, Carter confirmed that Lucci was her boyfriend again.

On Nov. 30, she took to Twitter to thank her man for putting together her birthday party for her. She wrote, “Thank you to my amazing boyfriend ! You did that party!”

Photo: @reginae_carter1

The “Everyday We Lit” rapper also shouted out Carter for her birthday by posting a picture of her to his Instagram and writing a caption. He wrote, “HAPPY BDAY FINE ASS GIRL😍😍 @colormenae.”

Carter and Lucci first began dating in early 2018. The on-again, off-again couple broke up for good in 2019 after Carter caught Lucci attending a “Cucumber Party” where women were explicitly using cucumbers on each other. Since the breakup, Carter has spoken out multiple times about her earlier relationship with the 29-year-old and even said, “I feel like he didn’t have respect for me like he did in the beginning.”

This year, Carter and Lucci have been seen hanging out together again, sparking rumors that she was back with him, and earlier this month she confirmed on “The Wendy Williams Show” that they were speaking again. She said, “right now we’re just working on our friendship and we’re creating a deeper bond in the relationship.”

She later added that she is currently focusing on herself and her “relationship with Lucci.”

While Lucci and Carter may be happy that things are moving in the right direction for them, a lot of fans are not.

One person wrote, “Ah shit. Here we go again….”

Someone else said, “She really went back after all them inspirational, self respect quotes and shii.”

A third person typed, “She can do better.”

Some people gave Carter the benefit of the doubt for her decision to go back to her ex-boyfriend.

“She’s only 22 so I won’t say anything…we’ve all been there as long as she’s happy,” said one fan.

Another defended her saying, “I don’t get y’all calling her dumb for GROWING through some of the SAME problems some of you all have probably faced behind closed doors. Let them be….”

It’s been said that the second time around is better than the first time, and hopefully that statement is true for these two lovebirds.

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