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‘They Can’t Save You’: Sabrina Peterson Blasts T.I. for ‘Taunting’ Investigators With the Video to ‘This Is What It’s Come To’

Rapper T.I. and self-proclaimed “King of the South” is anything but standing by idly as he and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ names continue to be sullied by sexual assault allegations.

The “Pardon” emcee has not vocalized much of his displeasure with the accusations made against the couple. But with his latest video for the scandal-themed record, “This is What It’s Come To,” the Atlanta native is getting a lot of his frustrations off his chest.

Rapper T.I.’s music video for his record “This Is What It’s Come To” shows a female investigator building a web of photos and headlines about accusations surrounding the rapper and his wife. (Photo: TIvsTIP/Youtube)

On the record he raps:

“I got a heart made of gold, motives be the purest
And they say hell have no fury like a woman’s scorn
F—k that, I’m crankin’ up the jury, who you lyin’ on shawty?
Extortion, is that what you got your mind on, shawty?
Tell ’em, ‘Get it how you live, shawty, I ain’t goin’ for it’
I’ma take it all away, every day of the week
Bet you thought this shit was sweet and I would pay in a week”

The lyrics seemingly take aim at the couple’s former associate Sabrina Peterson. In late January, she claimed to have numerous victim accounts of sexual violence and drugging incidents orchestrated and executed by the couple. At the time, T.I. addressed the claims in an attempt to clear his and Tiny’s names. 

However, his latest music video, which features photos of scathing headlines regarding the allegations, did not sit well with Peterson.

Sabrina Peterson blasts T.I. for taunting investigators and shaming alleged victims in his video for “This Is What It’s Come To.” (Photo: @shaderoom/Instagram)

“Many of your fans have been victimized in their lifetime. Your tactics are not a good look….When it’s all said and done I took the high road & tried to give mercy but you repaid it with mockery. Get out the booth & behind cameras & SEE ME IN COURT!” she wrote on an IG post.

Despite the claims and investigations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, no charges have been brought against either T.I. or Tiny. With the ongoing mud flinging from the couple and Peterson, the public still remains largely divided and seemingly exhausted by the story altogether.

“He made himself look bad tbh. I believe her.”

“Girl take him to court or something cause idk rather to believe you or not sis”

“Somebody tag me when some criminal charges come out otherwise I’m tired …”

And countless people said they lost interest in Peterson’s claims when she said an apology would make her drop a defamation lawsuit against the couple.

“Man she just wanted an apology a day or so ago. We confused ”

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