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‘Who You Lyin’ On Shawty’: T.I. Addresses Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him and His Wife In New Song ‘What It Comes To’

Since the rise of the sexual assault allegations against T.I. and Tiny Harris, the hip-hop couple has been mostly mum about the situation, and only speaks out about it every once in a while to deny the accusations.

But it looks like T.I. has found the perfect outlet to let his voice be heard on the matter, and that’s through his music. On Thursday, May 20, he gave his fans a heads-up about the upcoming release of a new song called “What It Comes To,” sharing a snippet of it, and using part of the lyrics as the cover art for the post. The song was released on Friday, May 21, at midnight and in it, the Atlanta-based rapper addressed the situation in multiple bars.

T.I. and Tiny head out for a bite to eat. (Photo: @majorgirl/Instagram)

In the first out of two verses, he says, “F-ck that, I’m crankin’ up the jury, who you lyin’ on shawty? Extortion, is that what you got your mind on, shawty? Tell ’em, “Get it how you live, shawty, I ain’t goin’ for it” I’ma take it all away, every day of the week. Bet you thought this s-it was sweet and I would pay in a week.” The lyrics could be directed toward Sabrina Peterson. Peterson is the woman whose initial allegation against T.I. prompted several other women to accuse the rapper and his wife of sexual assault. In January, she accused T.I. of holding a gun to her head after she argued with his assistant. In March, an attorney who’s working with Peterson said he was contacted by nearly 40 women and witnesses — and representing 11 of them — who accused the couple of “forced drugging, kidnapping, rape, and intimidation.”

Within days of her accusation, dozens of anonymous women came out left and right accusing the reality TV stars of coercing, drugging and sexually assaulting them. What made matters worse for the couple is the ladies all had similar stories.

In T.I.’s song, later on, in the first verse, T.I. challenged the unidentified women, saying, “Go put your face and reputation on it. These kinda claims deserve more than anonymous Provocation conversations, don’t it?”

T.I. address sexual assault allegations in new song. (Photo: @troubleman31/Instagram)

In the second verse, he continued to pledge his innocence, spitting the words, “I keep none against they will, if they leave that’s they disadvantage.” When T.I. responded to the allegations for the first time in January, he expressed those same sentiments. He said in an eight-minute Instagram video, “We ain’t never forced nobody, we ain’t never drugged nobody against their will, we ain’t never held nobody against their will, we ain’t never made nobody do anything.” Toward the end of the song, T.I. said his accusers were “some lyin’ a– b-tches.”

Two new police reports were filed in the last two months against the couple, from a woman in Los Angeles and another in Las Vegas. According to NBC, the case in Las Vegas has been closed due to statute of limitations, while LAPD confirmed there was an investigation open on T.I., but not Tiny. The couple’s attorney Steve Sadow recently addressed claims that they were being investigated by LAPD, saying, “it appears the LAPD ‘accuser’ has chosen once again to remain anonymous, thereby preventing us from being in a position to disprove or refute her allegations — or even examine them.”

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