‘This Is Getting Weird’: Sabrina Peterson Responds After T.I. Laughs Off Her Request for An Apology, Fans Are Left Scratching Their Heads

It looks like Sabrina Peterson’s peace offering toward T.I. is off the table.

Peterson filed a defamation lawsuit against T.I., his wife Tiny, and her former longtime friend Shekinah Anderson, which stemmed from an accusation Peterson made against T.I. in January alleging that he held a gun to her head at a children’s party in 2009. However, last week she tried to make a compromise with the rapper and went on Instagram Live on Wednesday, May 26, telling the couple that if they were to make a public apology admitting everything within seven days, she would drop the lawsuit.

T.I. and Tiny (Photo: @majorgirl/Instagram) and Sabrina Peterson (Photo: @theglamuniversity/Instagram)

Peterson, who is the founder of The Glam University, said in the video, “Tell the truth about me. Tell the truth about what you did to me and apologize. I’m gone. I don’t want one dime. I don’t want one dime.” She also said the couple would have to make their apology “within seven days.”

Five days after that, T.I. responded with an Instagram photo of him, Ne-Yo, Kevin Hart and Dave Chapelle, all laughing at what appeared to be the Roc Nation brunch. But it was the caption that he used to respond to his ex-associate that got her attention. He wrote, “An Apology????😂😂😂😂 -Drako voice,” mimicking Soulja Boy’s viral moment on “The Breakfast Club” where he called out Drake for stealing his flow. In the other part of his caption, he wrote, “#WhatItsComeTo,” which is the title of a song he released on May 21. In it, he addressed his current ongoing case with Peterson as well as the claims from over four dozen women alleging that T.I. and Tiny drugged, coerced, and sexually assaulted them. These claims followed Peterson’s allegation against the couple.

(Top) Sabrina Peterson calls T.I. out for being a narcissist (Photo: @theglamuniversity/Instagram) after T.I. responds to her request for an apology. (Photo: @troubleman31)

Tiny joined her husband in on the jokes of his post, writing, “LOL it’s too early for this sir😂💘” in the comments. But Peterson responded within less than 24 hours by posting a “Narcissist Check List,” which contained a list of 14 things that makes a person a narcissist. The next slide showed T.I. pictured with R. Kelly, who is currently in jail on charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Fans responded to Peterson and the “Bring Em Out” rapper’s beef in the comments. One person said, “All she want him to do is apologize , and she would drop everything. That’s all it takes is an apology? 😂” Another wrote, “I guess we all narcissistic chile cause everyone I know does at least one thing from that list,” while someone else said, “This Is Getting Weird But I Won’t Tell A Victim How To Act…”

Two more police reports were filed against the couple in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but the one in Las Vegas was dropped due to the statute of limitations. According to Hollywood Reporter, the Los Angeles Police Department is going to be investigating T.I. but not his wife.

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