‘What We Not Gon’ Do Is Open Up the Door to My Bedroom’: T.I. Defends Himself and Wife Tiny from Allegations Made By Women’s Empowerment Platform Owner

Rapper T.I. says allegations of drugging and sexually exploiting women surrounding him and his wife Tiny are both baseless and doing a disservice to women who have truly been victimized.

Rumors of the couple’s alleged boudoir activities began circulating social media when The Glam University women’s empowerment group founder Sabrina Petersen took to social media on Wednesday, Jan. 27, to accuse the rapper of putting a gun to her head. From there she publicly shared alleged victim accounts of sexually exploitive encounters with the rapper and his wife.

T.I. defends himself and his wife Tiny from allegations of coercing women to do drugs and participated in intimate activities with the couple. (Photo: @majorgirl/Instagram)

In the 8-minute video uploaded Friday, T.I. defended his wife’s character while also debunking the veracity of allegations shared by Petersen.

“My wife, my wife is a beautiful person with an amazing spirit, and a kind heart. She is a devoted mother and she has a humble soul. She don’t deserve this. She don’t deserve this,” T.I. said.

He went on to make it clear that he would not be going into detail about his private life.

“Uh, what we not gon’ do is open up the door to my bedroom, as you shouldn’t have to either. Open up the door to my bedroom for everyone to come in, to chime in and make their opinions about what we do and don’t do, should, and shouldn’t do. But I will say this, whatever we ever have done, has been done with consensual adults who into what we into, and like what we like. If we want something we know exactly where to go get it. We ain’t never forced nobody, we ain’t never drugged nobody against their will, we ain’t never held nobody against their will, we ain’t never made nobody do anything. We ain’t never trafficked anything, well sexually trafficked anything. I ain’t never raped nobody, never raped nobody.”

Having seen numerous published stories detailing the alleged incidents, T.I. says a disservice is being done to those who have been victimized. He went on to state that women, especially Black women, should feel not only comfortable in telling their stories and identifying their attacker, but also protected.

Some people on social media are split on what to believe.

“Take the lie detector test I don’t know what to believe”

“Learn from this Tip!! Keep them squares outcho circle.”

“Stop letting mutts in y’all bed. These heauxs have fleas!”

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