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‘This Makes My Heart Smile’: Tamar Braxton’s ‘Sweet’ Message to Sister Traci Has Fans Hoping Their Relationship Is on the Mend

Could a reconciliation be in the works between sisters Tamar and Traci Braxton? Fans hope that is the case after Tamar publicly acknowledged her sister’s 50th birthday with a message posted to social media on Saturday, April 3.

The two sisters have shared quite the rocky relationship through the years, but now the 44-year-old says she has a new appreciation for her big sister. 

Tamar wishes her big sister Traci a happy 50th birthday with heartfelt message. @tamarbraxton/Instagram

“I haven’t been the best baby sister but as I’ve told you I will be the BEST BABY SISTER you ever had I hope I’m making you that my newfound appreciation and love for our sisterhood makes me so happy and blessed to be your baby sister,” reads part of the caption Tamar wrote to accompany her favorite photo of Traci on Instagram.

The post was flooded with hopeful fan comments.

“Real Braxton family values right here”

“Tamar has always made it clear that Traci is her fav I love this .”

“This makes my heart smile ❤️”

“So glad these two made up”

In similar fashion Traci wished her baby sister a happy birthday on March 17 on social media. 

In recent years Traci and Tamar’s relationship grew strained as the family — including Toni, Towanda, Trina and their mother Evelyn — all got entangled in feuds while taping their show “Braxton Family Values.” Following season 6 of the hit show, the sisters, minus Traci and Evelyn, opted to stop filming. 

Traci forged ahead by filming with former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Phaedra Parks and others. Further driving a wedge between the sisters was an altercation that took place at Trina’s wedding in 2019.

“Her boyfriend grabbed me and pushed me. So after that I just went totally beserk,” explained Traci of an argument that began with her and Tamar but escalated when David Adefeso, Tamar’s boyfriend at time, interjected.

“I grabbed the chair, my husband grabbed the chair from me. Towanda came back there during that time, and then my mother back and said, ‘What is going on?’ … And then Towanda and Tamar say, ‘It’s Traci, it’s Traci.’ … I was so mad he [David Adfeso] put his hands on me,” she further explained during an interview with DJ Richie Skye. 

With more than a year since the heated incident between them, and some healing that has taken place following Tamar’s tumultuous breakup and mental health breakdown, maybe 2021 will help restore the sisters’ relationship.

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