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Traci Braxton Says Her Relationship with Sister Tamar Braxton Is Still Strained, ‘I Haven’t Talked to Tamar’

Despite the seventh season of “Braxton Family Values” winding down over the next two weeks, there are still issues among the siblings and Traci Braxton says she hasn’t spoken to older sister Tamar Braxton in months.

Traci stopped by “Dish Nation” Thursday, Sept. 27, ahead of the first part of the BFV finale airing tonight. According to Traci, Tamar is still not over her forging on with the show after the rest of the family ditched filming over the summer.

During that time, four of the Braxton sisters — ToniTowandaTrina Tamar — and their mother, Evelyn decided not to show up on set. But Traci recently told OK! Magazine she sought legal counsel and decided to go back to the show.

“They made a decision to leave, I made a decision to stay,” she admitted on Sept. 18. “I just wish whoever was advising them really knew what they were doing and maybe they would have waited until after season six to renegotiate.”

That’s when Traci pulled former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks into the mix and filmed a stint at a cattle ranch.

The choice has led Towanda and Tamar to be vocal about Traci continuing to shoot without her sisters, saying they were “blindsided” by Parks’ inclusion.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of family you have. You can argue. You can be upset with each other,” Traci explains on “Dish Nation” of the drama between the Braxtons. “But you still have that love for each other.”

Still, tensions have remained hot between her and Tamar since last season. When asked when the last time was that she and her sister spoke, Traci replies, “March.”

Traci was also asked how it would feel if she was never able to speak to her sisters again.

“Devastating. Like I lost a limb,” she says. “My sisters are everything to me. And maybe she’s waiting for me to reach out to her. And I’m waiting for her to reach out to me.”

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