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‘He Was Cheating’: Tamar Braxton Reveals Shocking Claim That Her Ex David Adefeso Had an Affair During Their Relationship

Former “Braxton Family Values” reality star and songstress Tamar Braxton is still healing from her previous relationship with ex-fiancé David Adefeso. After her supposed attempted suicide, Adefeso was sung praises for helping her during the difficult time.

But on Sept. 9, 2020, Adefeso took to his YouTube channel claiming that he and Braxton had an altercation while he was driving and alleged that Braxton had hit him.

Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Following the messy breakup, Braxton let her loved ones know that she needed to heal and denied claims that Adefeso was a bad man.

“Let me tell you something, Tamron; I loved David. He was my best friend,” Braxton said on the “Tamron Hall” show on October 28, 2020. “He was an amazing, amazing partner. He was my son’s best friend, as well. They were best friends.”

However, Braxton is now alleging that Adefeso was cheating on her throughout the relationship.

On Saturday, March 27, Braxton took to Twitter writing, “One day… Imma meet him.”

Social media personality Jessie Woo responded to her tweet, saying that she liked Adefeso. “He was a good man Savanah! But filming that show with you know who wasn’t a good idea for you two. Maybe God can fix that? If not, I pray God sends you your Boaz,” with a heart emoji.

Tamar Braxton accuses her ex-lover David Adefeso of cheating on her while they were together. @TamarBraxtonHer/Twitter

Braxton quickly replied to the account, tweeting, “He was cheating with his then assistant now CFO since 2019 Jessica,” she wrote with a side-eye emoji. “God fixed it.” Braxton then added the praying hand emoji and lucky leaf emoji.

She was suggesting that Adefeso was messing around with his assistant and then hired her as his CFO of his company Sootchy, a mobile technology platform used to help people with student debt.

Fans were appalled at the accusation but wished Braxton nothing but the best when it comes to love.

“Tamar, you surely will meet the right one for you. My prayer is for you to have peace, love, and happiness.”

“I know it’s all in God’s timing. Keep your head up and Faith in him. It’s going to happen.. be patient, and focus on you.”

“God got him somewhere; it’s just all about timing; when you’re fully where God wants you to be, God will release him to you, and you’re already doing an amazing job; the growth is beautiful.”

“No rush, boo! In due time… live your life.”

“You will because it’s someone out there that is worthy of your love!!!”

During her Hall interview, the 44-year-old Braxton told the host that she recorded audio of the incident between her and Adefeso and urged him to “release it” to prove what happened between the two.

Adefeso’s unidentified rep accused Braxton of destroying the footage and claimed the property damage he sustained during the altercation cost him up to $1,600 and then $7,500.

Braxton responded to Adefeso’s rep in a series of now-deleted tweets. One said she just wanted to share her truth while maintaining her integrity, “even while being talked about and lied on and constantly attacked for months while I’ve said nothing.”

“I’m being dragged to court from someone who said ‘they love me’ for a restraining order, and we have NO CONTACT!” she added.

Adefeso filed his restraining order in September of last year. Braxton has denied Adefeso was a victim.
“I wish he had some type of integrity for me and keep whatever happened in our relationship private. I am trying to heal and move on, and I wish he would stop this,” Braxton once tweeted.

While some may be hoping for a reunion between the two, from Braxton’s recent tweet, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon or ever.

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