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‘Kenya You Shouldn’t Even Be Talking About Bullying,’: ‘RHOA’ Fans Blast Kenya Moore for Calling Drew Sidora a Bully for Questioning LaToya Ali’s Teetotalism

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore got bashed on social media for calling Drew Sidora a bully on March 28 after the “RHOA” newbie apparently interrogated LaToya Ali for not drinking during their all-girls trip to New Orleans. The “RHOA” episode featuring the confrontation with Sidora and Ali aired the same day. 

While the women — Moore, Sidora, Ali, Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams, and Shamea Morton — enjoyed their dinner after exploring the city throughout the day, many cast members noticed that the YouTuber wasn’t consuming any alcoholic beverages during the getaway. But they decided not to mention it after Ali’s last catastrophe at Falynn Guobadia’s Halloween bash, where Ali nearly got into a physical altercation following her seemingly drunken remarks about Guobadia’s husband and home. 

(From left) Drew Sidora, Kenya Moore, and LaToya Ali. (Photos, @drewsidora/Instagram, @thekenyamore/Instagram, @latoyaforever/Instagram)

As the group had a silent moment at the table, Ali jokingly referenced how that particular moment reminded her of Guobadia’s “boring” party. 

“Not another Falynn party. Falynn party was boring until I hit the scene.”

Following that comment, Moore and Bailey condemned her behavior at the bash, which led Sidora to ask Ali why she wasn’t drinking.

She said, “Why [are] you not drinking? The mother of three replied she didn’t “feel like drinking.” Sidora then suggested it was because drinking makes the vlogger “aggressive.” A slightly annoyed Ali reiterated, “I just don’t feel like it” as she began to bang the table repeat the words in a sing-song voice while also calling the “Step Up” actress a “b—h.”

Sidora responded by saying how “unbothered” she was by the entire thing. “I am so unbothered because she’s fake. She’s fake as hell.” She added that Ali had been wishy-washy about her drinking following a previous conversation they’d had at church.

“You told me at church you were gonna stop drinking,” Sidora said. “You said you wanted to fast. You wanted to detox. So I was on board in helping you and supporting you with that. And then the next time I saw you, you were drinking.”

Moore then stepped in to defend Ali by telling Sidora her way of trying to help the 34-year-old sounds like she’s judging her instead of “encouraging” her.

The former beauty queen said, “If someone is encouraging you to not get into trouble over drinking, then that’s what it should be and not shaming you for it. If you’re trying to really help her out, why are you trying to put her on blast? You’re just bullying her now.”

Ali admitted that when she’s out with the “RHOA” ladies the mother of three feels she has to keep up with them drinking-wise but said she “doesn’t have a problem.”

“When I’m around you ladies, y’all can drink and drink and drink, and I try to keep up with y’all. You know what I’m saying, but I can’t. I honestly don’t go out often. … I don’t have a problem, honey.” She then decided to leave the dinner and quipped before she walked out the door, “I’ll go check myself into AA.” 

Moore followed her out and told Ali as she waited for her car, “I’m sorry she made you feel bad. You need to be very careful about who you tell your business to.”

Many “RHOA” fans criticized Moore for calling Sidora a bully, citing the 50-year-old’s history of tormenting women on the show for years.

“Not Kenya trying to call someone else a bully. GIRRLLLLLL #RHOA.”

“Kenya you shouldn’t even be talking about Bullying, your the Biggest Bully🙄.”

“Kenya has lost her mind. And I know she ain’t talking about Drew being a BULLY. She should be the last person talking about bullying people. Most of all she has been bullying Porsha and other people on the show.”

“Kenya has bullied Cynthia, Porsha, Phaedra, Kim Fields, and Drew but she hates bullies? #RHOA.”

As fans mentioned, Moore’s “bullying” actions frequently have targeted her co-star Porsha Williams. In season 13 of “RHOA,” the Kenya Moore Hair Care creator has accused Williams of appearing at Black Lives Matter protests for clout, and more recently Moore slut-shamed the “Dish Nation” co-host for allegedly having a threesome with Tanya Sam and a male stripper at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party in South Carolina. Both Sam and the stripper denied the accusations.

The mother of one revealed in a later interview that the reason why she was so adamant about launching an investigation to determine the veracity of the claims was because she was bored. 

“I was bored. Let me be messy: I’m bored,” Moore said.

She added that she had the right to say something because no secrets should be kept during a group trip. “I had the right to say it because we are working and we are in a cast house that we’re all sharing, and there are no secrets when you’re in a cast house. That’s how I felt. I understand it was your party. I understand all of those terms, but I didn’t see any NDA come across my desk, so I’m talking.”

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