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‘The Way She Ran to the Garage’: Falynn Guobadia and Fans React to Her and LaToya Ali’s Heated Argument During Latest ‘RHOA’ Episode

Falynn Guobadia reacted on Twitter on March 21 to her dispute with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star LaToya Ali following the YouTuber’s disrespectful comments towards Guobadia’s husband, Simon, on the latest episode of “RHOA”. The verbal spat — which led to Guobadia being escorted to her bedroom by Simon — took place at Guobadia’s Halloween party at her house with the entire “RHOA” cast, excluding Marlo Hampton, who couldn’t attend because of unknown prior engagements. 

During the March 21 episode, Guobadia, dressed up as Medusa, was joining Cynthia Bailey to escort Kenya Moore to her car when she asked Ali why she also was leaving the event, to which the 34-year-old responded, “The energy is off, babe.” Guobadia told Ali the reason why the energy seemed off was because the influencer entered her home and insulted Guobadia by making fun of Simon’s age and claimed she was using him for money. 

Falynn Guobadia (left) and LaToya Ali (right). (Photo: @falynnguobadia/Instagram, @latoyaforever/Instagram)

Guobadia said, “The energy may be off because you came in my house and disrespected my husband. So maybe that has something to do with it. You’re the only one that came in and disrespected my husband’s age.”

She added as Ali — dressed as a dead mermaid — walked away, “That’s what poor people do.” The vlogger proceeded to shout from her car, “This ain’t your property, ho’.” 

Guobadia tried to express to Moore and Bailey that she wasn’t going to allow Ali — regardless of her opinion — to tear down the empire she’s built with her husband. Following that statement, Ali insulted Guobadia’s husband’s sexual performance because he is 25 years older than the socialite. “Keep it in your mouth b–h. Tryna get it up all night with them bags underneath your eyes, ho’.”

As Guobadia asked Ali who she was talking to, Bailey said Ali was out of line, while Moore tried to get Guobadia inside the house. Bailey said, “This actually not even funny. You cannot come into somebody’s home and disrespect their home, their husband and his balls.”

As Moore, with the help of security and Simon, tried to get Guobadia inside of the house before the argument with Ali turned physical, the model broke free dashed through the kitchen, passed through the remaining ladies Kandi Burruss, Drew SidoraPorsha Williams, and Shamea Morton — who were sitting on the dining room table chatting — and went into the garage to retrieve a golf club to attack Ali with. 

Guobadia was stopped by Simon, Morton — who chased Guobadia once she realized what was happening — and security and Simon escorted her to her bedroom as Ali left the premises. Following the explosive episode, Guobadia tweeted, “Don’t start none…” in reference to the altercation. 

Many “RHOA” fans commended Guobadia for her actions and felt that Ali was highly jealous of the socialite’s life. 

“The way she ran to her garage 🤣🤣 she was ready for the smoke.”

“Falynn wanted all the smoke.”

“As she should. How in the hell are you going to disrespect somebody to their face in their own damn home?”

“Latoya is just a jealous and envious person. I don’t like her at all!!”

“Latoya need to get whooped one good time.”

This isn’t the first time Guobadia and Ali have had an altercation regarding the YouTuber’s negative remarks about Guobadia and her husband’s age gap. Last month during an interview with “The Peach Report,” Guobadia threw shots at her “RHOA” co-star for trying to criticize the 31-year-old’s life choices. 

Guobadia described how unsettling her brief encounter with Ali was. “It was beyond crazy. The old me probably would have responded in a very crazy way. It’s nothing I haven’t heard before. Simon [Guobadia] was the first man that I ever dated that was much older than me, let alone marry. You can’t help who God had set up for you. You can’t help who you fall in love with. Simon and I make a perfect duo.”

She concluded by saying the reason why Ali continues to come after her is because the YouTuber is unhappy in her marriage. 

“I think most of us know why she is so unhappy. It’s not like she hides her life. … We can all see the type of person she is. They have been very public and open about their issues within their relationship. Even for her I wish her the best of luck in life and I truly hope she finds what it is that I have. Because clearly she wants what I have.” 

Ali and her estranged husband Adam Ali announced they were getting a divorce last June after six years of marriage. 

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