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Kenya Moore Reveals She Started the Strippergate Investigation Because She Was Bored: ‘Let Me Be Messy’

On March 7, Kenya Moore disclosed to her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Kandi Burruss that boredom led to the strippergate investigation following Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party. The former beauty queen made a guest appearance on Burruss’ YouTube show “Speak on It,” where the two “RHOA” stars — alongside Kandi Koated Entertainment general manager DonJuan Clark — opened up about season 13. 

When Moore was asked on mark 18:43 about why she was so “adamant” about finding out who allegedly slept with BOLO, the entertainer, she said, “I was bored. Let me be messy: I’m bored.”

Kenya Moore (center, flanked by Kandi Burruss and DonJuan Clark) reveals boredom was her reason for the strippergate investigation while appearing on Burruss’mshow “Speak on It.” (Photo: KandiOnline/YouTube screenshot)

The reality star added she felt she had the right to say something because the cast shouldn’t hide things when participating in group activities. “I had the right to say it because we are working and we are in a cast house that we’re all sharing, and there are no secrets when you’re in a cast house. That’s how I felt. I understand it was your party. I understand all of those terms, but I didn’t see any NDA come across my desk, so I’m talking.”

Many fans applauded Moore for what they took as her candor.

“🤣🤣🤣Gotta love Kenya👑 She with the s–ts😉.”

“That’s the realest thing Kenya probably said.”

“One thing about Kenya, she believes in honesty baby! 😭😂.”

“Say what you want about Kenya she will tell u the truth.”

Kenya Moore. (Photo: @thekenyamoore/Instagram)

Last October, following the bachelorette party, rumors circulated that a sexual tryst occurred between BOLO and “RHOA” cast mates Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam. Since then both BOLO and Sam denied participating in the alleged threesome, and Sam also reportedly left the show. 

Later in the interview, the mother of one opened up about other peoples’ reactions to her investigation and the claims she is trying to slut-shame her co-star Porsha Williams.

Moore said on mark 19:20 that she has personally been slut-shamed by Williams in the past. “Well, I would say you need to look at those people that I’m talking about, because they have slut-shamed all of us. … She also tried to say I was sleeping with some one-eyed married African man that I was not and I’ve never known, you know, and it goes on and on and on.”

The “RHOA” star added that fans’ perception of their favorite “Housewives” star sometimes hinders their memory of past events that have occurred on the show. “The fans tend to forget and have short memories when it comes to their favorites, but the truth of the matter is if you look at it historically speaking Porsha and other people have slut-shamed me and several other people in our cast — remember Claudia Jordan? — so please don’t act like this is brand new to this show or to her.”

The reality star concluded the statement by saying she doesn’t care what people think, and her ultimate goal was to tell the truth.

“I really just don’t care what people think, I’m going to say the truth. I didn’t lie on anyone, and that is what made me upset too. Yeah I’m playing around at first I really didn’t care, you know, and I just kind of brought it up and you know we were doing the investigation and things like that, and then when things turned and I was called a liar. … Now you’ve gone too far. … I’m going to have to make it a point to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

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