‘I Will Not Be Shading Anyone’: Porsha Williams Responds After Kenya Moore Accuses Her of Getting Arrested at BLM Protests for Clout

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore questioned whether Porsha Williams’ motives were genuine in protesting and getting arrested at Black Lives Matter protests, and Williams isn’t having it.

In a preview for the “RHOA” episode on Sunday, Dec. 27, Moore, 49, was having a conversation with Kandi Burruss that quickly turned catty. 

“Has anybody talked to Porsha? I know she was arrested… again,” the former Miss USA winner said.

Burruss, 44, was caught off guard and asked, “Why did you say it like that?”

“Cause at this point it just seems like maybe they’re putting themselves in the position to be arrested,” Moore replied before the preview ended.

Williams, 39, and activist Tamika Mallory responded to the accusatory tone on Instagram on Tuesday, Dec. 22.

Mallory, 40, explained that she invited the “RHOA” star to protest in Louisville, Kentucky, to get justice for EMT worker Breonna Taylor — who was killed by police in March as they executed a no-knock search warrant at her apartment — after Mallory saw that Williams had protested in Atlanta.

The activist also invited “Love & Hip Hop” star Yandy Smith knowing that it would draw media attention. 

Williams was arrested twice for protesting.

“Porsha and Yandy understood their role of being there was to bring national attention to Breonna’s murder. That’s exactly why we called them. FOR PRESS!” Mallory said. “Porsha ended up being in jail for more than 12 hours. They kept her almost until the last woman was released. Her courage is something most TALKERS would never do.”

Williams took a screenshot of Mallory’s statement and responded to Moore with her own statement.

“It really is sad that this had to be addressed. Thank you @tamikadmallory my leader and my sister in the struggle for all you do first and for most!” the mother of one began.

Porsha Williams. (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

Williams continued, “However, I will say this I am on ‘Rhoa’ and most of the show is for entertainment but when it comes to BLM let me be clear I will not be Reading anyone , I will not be shading anyone , I will not stoop down and give weight nor battle the topic of BLM with a fellow black women on TV!

“I take it very serious so all I will say is Kenya I will pray for you over the holidays and maybe even I can be a beacon of light in your dark heart when it comes to anything Porsha related or maybe I can enlighten you on the act of *Civil disobedience,” she said in response to her cast mate. 

Williams concluded, “I truly hope that in next week episode you are not questioning nor belittling the efforts of the very brave women and men all over the world who stood up and said No justice No peace and have to fight because innocent black men and women are being killed! I know we can do better than this. Let’s stay focused !!!”

Moore still doubled down on Instagram on Wednesday, Dec. 23, that her cast mate’s intentions weren’t pure.

On her story, she wrote, “Since many are fans of ‘RHOA,’ let’s watch the entire season and decide what is real or fake-not just a clip from an episode yet-to-be aired.”

“Speaking of Porsha, as a person you have always looked up to and always copies, you can’t educate me on anything but how to install a good lacefront and be a freak. (no shade as YOU said before the dark heart comment),” Moore continued.

Kenya Moore doubles down on claims Porsha Williams protested for clout. Instagram/@thekenyamoore

The “RHOA” star further blasted Williams as she said, “Please drive your ‘hate Kenya train’ onto the same tracks as the underground railroad you thought existed 5 minutes ago.”

Moore then accused her cast mate of begging producers to edit her out of a scene “being bother by Kandi making progress for #BLM.”

“We see you for real,” the “RHOA” star said.

Moore also claimed that despite Williams calling on people to vote in national and local elections, Williams “excluded cast members” in her voting PSA.

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