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‘This is Just Crazy’: Tamar Braxton’s Boyfriend Responds to Claims That He ‘Grabbed’ Braxton, Causes a Divide Among the Couple’s Fans

The drama between Tamar Braxton and her boyfriend David Adefeso continues.

In the last episode of his YouTube series “LIVE with David Adefeso,” the financial services businessman took time to address a report that he abused Braxton, an accusation leveled this week by supposed sources close to Braxton. The episode’s original topic was slated as “Avoiding The Devastating Financial Impact of a Divorce,” however, Adefeso took the first 16 minutes of the episode to talk about the recent incident between himself and Braxton.

Tamar Braxton
David Adefeso and Tamar Braxton. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Adefeso starts off, “It’s been a very sad months and a sad couple of days.” He continues, “It took a lot for me to come do this because of all of the stuff that is going on, and so I decided I was going to address some of that today.”

Shortly after thanking his followers for supporting him and touching on mental health, the 49-year-old began to talk about the abuse allegations that Braxton apparently made against him.

“I will never, never, bring myself to attack Tamar, somebody I’ve spent so long with. He continues, “I’ve been a victim of domestic violence. I was attacked, I was driving on high speed and I was attacked…a blow to my neck.”

Adefeso claims that after he was hit by Braxton he thought that he was going to crash and proceeded to call his mother. He said while his mother was praying, he was being secretly recorded. He also said those recordings were sent to his family afterward.

After taking some time to gather himself in front of the camera, Braxton’s boyfriend revealed that his car was destroyed with almost, “$30,000 in damages.” He also said the alleged altercation is now a criminal case and that he and Braxton are “pretty much over.”

Professing his love for Braxton once more, he said “no matter what she needs, I’ll be there as a support for her, the way I have been from day one.”

He went on to say, “what was told about me grabbing or hitting Tamar, or anybody else … it’s a complete and absolute falsehood. I have never, ever, ever, and never will, ever, put my hand on a woman.”

When the video reached Instagram fans expressed their different opinions about the story. Some fans were in shock, leaving comments like, “This is just crazy.”

Other fans began picking sides with some calling Adefeso an “opportunist,” while others said “I believe him.”

This recorded live comes a day after The Blast reported on Sept. 8, citing unnamed sources close to Braxton, that Adefeso threatened to kill her. Sources say that a conversation between the couple got heated after Braxton asked Adefeso about his IG post with him and her son, Logan.

It is said that Braxton told Adefso that he was “around for the wrong reasons and could not be trusted.” Sources then say the singer claimed Adefeso threatened “not only her life but his own” and made the statement that they would end up in a “murder-suicide.” From there, it is revealed that Braxton claimed her boyfriend grabbed her arms, bruising her. She reacted by grabbing at him back.

These claims were made shortly after it was announced, early Tuesday afternoon, that Adefeso was seeking a protection order against Braxton. TMZ reported that the singer’s boyfriend filed a restraining order on Tuesday, Sept. 8, in Los Angeles, due to a “domestic violence situation”.

There have been no official statements made from Braxton since these accusations have surfaced.

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