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Bow Wow Defends Soulja Boy’s Legacy After Rapper Called Out Drake For Not Giving Him His Credit, Talks Separating R. Kelly the Artist From the Person

Rapper Bow Wow has been the butt of jokes for many years, including his infamous #BowWow challenge when social media users called him out for pretending to be on a private plane when he was on a regular commercial flight back in 2017.

However, it’s no doubt that Bow Wow — born Shad Moss — created history with classic hits like “That’s My Name,” “Bounce With Me,” and “Take Ya Home.”

Bow Wow. Photo: @shadmoss / Instagram

The Ohio native deserves his flowers, but he isn’t the only one. During an interview with “Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED” with host Jason Lee, Bow Wow felt as though fellow MC Soulja Boy should be included considering all the bops he made, such as his debut single “Crank That,” which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2007.

“For cats to stop playing with my legacy and my name, that’s finally happened without having to really ask for it,” the 34-year-old said. “Soulja wants his flowers. The same way how I’m getting mine now. It’s just a feeling that you want, but you don’t have to go ask for it,” Bow Wow continued.

Bow Wow’s interview follows Soulja Boy calling out the rapper Drake after the Canadian music artist showed love to Bow Wow for all he has done in hip-hop and felt as though he was left out. Soulja Boy has claimed that Drizzy Drake stole his rap flow and lyrics for his single “Miss Me” off his debut album “Thank Me Later.”

The MC admitted to the host Lee that he wanted his respect badly behind closed doors. “Stop playing with me,” Bow Wow said. “Y’all know what I’ve done. I know what I’ve done.”

The “Growing Up Hip Hop:Atlanta” reality star finally stated, “Soulja changed the game of hip-hop from a viral level, from social media to YouTube.”

“I was trying to keep pace with the new wave of how we put out our music, how we put out our music videos. He started that. He got that,” Bow Wow said.

Soulja Boy (left) and Drake (right). (Photos: @souljaboy/Instagram, @champagnepapi/ Instagram)

Bow Wow added that Soulja Boy is a culture shifter, and years later, rappers are following his blueprint by walking around with a photographer. “Everyone’s doing vlogs; everyone’s trying to go viral. Soulja created that lane. He was the first big digital Internet sensation.”

That wasn’t all that Lee and Bow Wow discussed. The controversial topic of R&B singer R. Kelly being accused of sexually assaulting several women and girls came up. Bow Wow admits that he can differentiate the artist from the person when Lee asked. “It doesn’t take away from their greatness as an artist,” Bow said.

“As a human being, that’s not my business,” Bow Wow added.

Fans actually agreed with the MC, with majority of social media users siding with Bow Wow.

The father of two also brought up the Godfather of Soul James Brown. Brown also had been accused of being abusive with women he was in a relationship with.

Bow Wow reiterated that he doesn’t think the Chicago native should receive support for what he’s accused of, but when asked by Lee did he go see Kelly in prison, he said “no comment,” but quickly followed with “No, I have not.”

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