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‘If It Wasn’t for You There Wouldn’t Be No Me’: Drake Quotes Bow Wow Lyrics While Thanking the Rapper for Being His Inspiration Amid His Historic Billboard Achievement

Over the past year or so, rapper Bow Wow has been the butt of many online jokes, including a challenge that called for participants to essentially show how people — more specifically the rapper — lie for the sole purpose of showing off for social media. The emcee recently made headlines after performing for a packed crowd during the ongoing pandemic.

However, this week, the 34-year-old is being acknowledged for something more positive. Fellow rapper Drake recently earned a historic Billboard Hot 100 milestone after having his three-pack EP “Scary Hours 2,” which featured Lil Baby and Rick Ross, snatch the music chart’s top three spots. The Canadian rapper used the opportunity to thank his inspiration, Bow Wow.

Drake (left), Bow Wow (right). (Photo: @champagnepapi/Instagram, @shadmoss/Instagram)

After earning the achievement, the “God’s Plan” rapper threw a “1-2-3” theme party, which included the usual suspects, music, cake, and celebrities, one of whom was Bow Wow, who appeared alongside Drake in a series of Instagram Stories during which he thanked the “Fresh Az I’m Iz” emcee. Drake jokingly recited lyrics from Bow Wow’s single “Thank You,” saying, “I wanna call into your local station …” before both stars burst into laughter. 

Later that night, Drake posted more clips in which he dove into his friendship with the “Like Mike” star, stating, “I had to link with Wizzle. Everybody wants to have drinks, and everybody wants to celebrate and turn up and, you know, I just had to see Wizzle. I had to see Wizzle in person.” He added, quoting another line from Bow Wow, “If it wasn’t for you, there wouldn’t be no me. That’s why — you know the rest, that’s why I’mma rock with y’all forevermore.”

Drake’s moment of appreciation for the “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” star sparked a conversation on social media about fan love for the rapper. One Twitter posed the question “So we finally done clowning Bow Wow and ready to give his flowers?” Huffington Post editor Philip Lewis chimed in, stating, “Folks love bow wow. it’s shad moss that causes all the problems.”

Meanwhile, others sided with Drake, saying, “Drake didn’t lie. If it wasn’t for Bow Wow there wouldn’t be a lot of the rap boys out right now.”

Another person shared a vintage clip of a freestyle from Bow Wow before writing, “Nah but Bow Wow was really running sh-t at one point. Respect his era lol.”

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