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Tommicus Walker Wants His Wife LeToya Luckett Back, Fans Say It’s Too Late: ‘Keep Him In the Co-Parent Lane’

Singer LeToya Luckett’s fans are letting her estranged husband Tommicus Walker have it on social media again after he publicly declared he wants her back.

Beginning on March 18, in his Instagram Stories Tommicus shared two posts, one stating, “I’m in a ‘whatever happens, happens’ mindset. I’m no longer going to force things. I’m gonna start letting go & allowing blessings to flow.” The other post a few hours later stated, “Need my Wife back.”

LeToya Luckett’s husband Tommicus Walker makes it known that he wants his wife back amid their ongoing separation. (Photo: @tommicuswalker/Instagram)

The public declaration comes just a week after LeToya celebrated her 40th birthday with an all-girls trip. Seeing how happy the singer appears to be on social media, fans made it known that Tommicus had made his bed and now it is time for him to lie in it.

“aww pooh. I talked to her about it and She said ‘no thank you'”

“The grass ain’t greener on the other side huh”

“Tuh pls! Ain’t nobody checking for you Otis!”

“Had you treated her right the first time you wouldn’t be posting this”

The couple announced their separation and intentions to divorce in early January, just a month after their third wedding anniversary. And while they stated how committed they are to co-parenting, publicly they appear to be living separate lives, having only been photographed together once during a family outing.

Ahead of the couple’s joint divorce announcement, several rumors circulated of the Texas businessman being unfaithful and possibly caught on camera in a hotel room with a mistress. Adding fuel to the speculation of there being real trouble in paradise was the fact that LeToya has slowly begun removing photos of Tommicus from her IG profile.

But the final nail in the coffin for fans was when LeToya removed “wife” from her titles listed on social media. Since then the former “Destiny’s Child” group member has not publicly addressed the private matter. The same is not true for Tommicus.

Although LeToya’s fans are not flooding social with comments in support of Tommicus, they do support the singer in moving forward with her life.

“be happy Toya! Keep him in the co-parent lane”

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