‘My Sis Just Torn In Between the Two’: Family Photo of LeToya Luckett and Husband Tommicus Sparks Rumors of Reconciliation

Singer LeToya Luckett and her husband of three years, Tommicus Walker, may have announced their divorce at the top of the year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the love between them no longer exists.

At least not for fans hoping the duo can rekindle their romance. While the couple has opted to not post photos of each other on their Instagram timelines, Walker made an exception for Instagram Stories.

LeToya Luckett’s husband shared a photo of the family as they spent some time together during Valentine’s Day weekend. (Photo: @tommicuswalker/Instagram)

In the since expired post, Walker shared a photo of himself, Luckett, and their two children, daughter Gianna and son Tysun, enjoying family time while at the beach during Valentine’s Day weekend. While it was evident based on Luckett’s recent IG Stories that she was enjoying time with her mother and children, best friend Eudoxie and a beach environment, no one would have suspected that her husband was also in attendance.

With the cat out the bag, fans seemingly could not resist the temptation to discuss the couple’s relationship on social media where screenshots of the photo are aplenty.

“My sis just torn in between the two,” wrote a person on IG referencing Luckett’s hit song “Torn” from her debut solo album in 2006. In the song Luckett sings, “But a part of me wants to be here with you, and every time I think that it’s over and done, you make me fall back in love.”

“If they can work it out. Work it out,” wrote another.

“It’s for the kids,” “Love to see it,” and “If she wants to make to her family work then so be it. Black love,” wrote others.

In the months leading up to the couple’s joint divorce announcement, Walker’s name was being linked to cheating allegations. Luckett remained mum on the rumors, but for fans the silence and lack of photos with her husband were perceived as “where there is smoke, there is fire.”

Walker, however, did respond to the allegations by sharing in his IG Stories that he “never wanted a divorce, but outside forces can create a lot of confusion. For the record, I NEVER STEPPED OUT ON MY WIFE.”

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