‘Very Messy’: LeToya Luckett’s Estranged Husband Tommicus Says He Never Cheated, Snaps at Unsupportive Family and Friends

The dust is still settling around singer LeToya Luckett’s public announcement that she and husband Tommicus Walker are headed toward divorce just three years after tying the knot. But already Walker is working to clear the air regarding rumors of being unfaithful.

In a since-deleted IG story Walker wrote: “I never wanted a divorce, but outside forces can create a lot of confusion. For the record, I NEVER STEPPED OUT ON MY WIFE.”

Those who seemingly feel no empathy toward the 40-year-old peppered social media with comments.

“See. This why you getting left now. Talk too much.”

“He def was the problem 😭”

“You definitely got caught out there Tommicus 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 stop”

Following a divorce announcement by Tommicus Walker and his wife LeToya Luckett, Walker says he never cheated on his wife and never wanted a divorce. (Photo: @tommicuswalker/Instagram)

Walker only made matters worse when he shared in his IG story, “And for all the friends or family that’s saying ‘I didn’t like him anyways’ guess what I didn’t like yo stanky a** either.”

Again, commenters bashed the father of three — the couple shares daughter Gianna and son Tysun, and Walker has a nine-year-old daughter named Madison from a previous relationship — with their words.


“He Hurt. Men can’t handle what they dish out.”

“He is such a QUEEN!”

“Ooh ok i see why she left you. You are a very messy man”

While pregnant with their son, allegations of there being a video of Walker with a mistress began making its rounds in the rumor mill. While fans publicly criticized the Texas native for allegedly cheating, the former Destiny’s Child member further fueled speculation when she didn’t publicly acknowledge her husband’s birthday and ceased to share photos of him on social.

Since announcing the divorce, Luckett has removed the title ‘wife’ from her IG bio. Also, Walker and his wife aren’t following each other on social.

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