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‘Go Get Your Wife and Family’: LeToya Luckett’s Husband Tommicus Walker Receives Cold Response from Fans on His ‘Hot Chocolate’ Post

Supporters of LeToya Luckett and Tommicus Walker’s marriage won’t seem to let up on hopes of the couple reconciling until the ink on divorce papers has finally dried.

The singer’s husband especially knows this to be true, with the amount of comments regarding his relationship that he receives on photos and videos posted to social media.

LeToya Luckett’s husband Tommicus Walker has fans wondering if he’s trying to get his family back or enjoy life as a single man. (Photo: @tommicuswalker/Instagram)

Even the Texas business owner’s seemingly innocent post of himself with the caption “Hot chocolate weather” warranted comments about his family.

“Walker from another Walker go get your Wife and Family”

“Well I hope all is well with you and your wife period nothing else matters.”

An especially hopeful individual wrote, “Love to see y’all working things out! 🙌🏽.”

Others, however, may have assumed Walker was hinting at wanting companionship or simply baiting flirtatious women.

“You are the hot chocolate! I try to keep it respectful and tasteful.. but Baaabbbyyy!!!” wrote one woman quite smitten with the father of three.

“This one fine man😍😍,” wrote another.

“Now see there you go, you gone get yourself in trouble 😂”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, rumors of a possible reconciliation began to swirl around social media when Walker shared a photo of himself, Luckett and their two children together at the beach in his Instagram Stories. Similarly, Luckett shared beach photos of herself, children and best friend Eudoxie at the beach; however, her husband was nowhere to be seen. Still, that did not stop people from drawing their own conclusion of the couple’s love being in recovery.

“If she wants to make her family work then so be it. Black love,” and “My sis just torn in between the two,” commented people under screenshots of the photo. Neither Walker or Luckett have addressed what led to the marriage’s collapse. However, just before the couple announced their plans to divorce in January, several rumors of Walker being unfaithful were spread.

At the time Walker addressed the rumors by posting in his Instagram stories, “I never wanted a divorce, but outside forces can create a lot of confusion. For the record, I NEVER STEPPED OUT ON MY WIFE.”

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