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Keyshia Cole Brings Out OT Genasis During ‘Verzuz’ Battle with Ashanti Following Previous Feud Over Song ‘Love’: ‘Now That’s How You Market or Benefit from a Beef’

Shock Value! Keyshia Cole surprised millions of her fans on Jan. 21 when she brought out rapper OT Genasis to sing along to her melody “Love” following their past beef. The pair reunited during the singer’s “Verzuz” battle against Ashanti. 

Cole, who was singing and jamming to the chart-topping hit, physically instructed the rapper to join her on the stage during the chorus. Ashanti, stunned by the guest’s appearance, said, “No, I’m dead, that’s OT.” Later that night, Genasis posted a snapshot of the duo with the words, “WESTSIDE BAY 2 LA ♿️💙 @keyshiacole.” Fans immediately flooded the comments section, with some applauding the two and others sharing thoughts of disbelief.

OT Genasis shares photo with Keyshia Cole following their reunion on ‘Verzuz’ stage. Photo:@otgenasis/Instagram


“He was waiting for this moment his whole life.”

“This is so ghetto. I love it 😩.”

“The song was not gon b right if he was not in it😂.”

“I was SHOOK when he came out! 😅😩 Now that’s how you market or benefit from a “beef”. #Shockvalue.”

While the “Cut It” rapper’s appearance stunned some and was praised by others, one person who wasn’t impressed was Cole’s younger sister Elite Noel. 

Noel took to Instagram to express how she felt regarding the duo’s reconciliation after the rapper previously poked fun at their mother Francine “Frankie” Lons‘s drug addiction. She captioned the recording “It went left !!!! And it ain’t funny !!!!! I’m not backing down, who want it ?”

L-R: Keyshia Cole, OT Genasis and Elite Noel. Photo:@keyshiacole @otgenasis @ielitenoel/Instagram

The 31-year-old started by saying she will always support her sister, although she disagreed with her actions during the battle. 

“Let me just tell yall where it went left with me, cause you know I’m mother f–king Keyshia till the day I (spells die). But when you let a n—a hug you. That got on the internet joking about selling your mother f–king crack, That’s when I have to take a step back.”

She added, “B–h that’s a no go for me. You can’t touch me. You can’t breath on me. I don’t give a f–k about what none y’all gotta say. Don’t touch me if you brag about or laugh about selling my mother f–king mama. The b—h who birth us. The reason why y’all got Keyshia is because Frankie didn’t give up. Let be clear about this mother f–king s–t. Frankie got seven mother f–king children, okay. She ain’t got one.” 

Cole and Genasis’s feud began in 2019 after the rapper shared his rendition of the singer’s 2005 hit song “Love.” Upon its release, the R&B crooner expressed she wasn’t a fan of the remix because he didn’t contact her beforehand. Within months, the pair’s beef amplified after the constant back and forth on social media. Genasis went as far as to make offensive comments regarding Cole’s personal hygiene on Instagram Live. Following his remarks, the singer’s older sister Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh — alongside Cole — took the singer’s defense, calling the “Everybody Mad” lyricist “disrespectful.”  

She said, “I will never respect a Greasy disrespectful shadow of a man coming for a woman who has said nothing about you!” Pugh wrote the message in a now-deleted Instagram post. “Men with Mommy issues trying to tear women down I know you got bullied in school and was always denied by the pretty girls clearly!” Pugh concluded the lengthy post by throwing jabs at his then girlfriend Malika Haqq and suggested he take care of his newborn son. 

Genasis would, later on, apologize for the rude comments toward Cole and insisted he was just “playing.”

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